Shouldn't metallic paint look...metallic??

babs711May 30, 2012

I was so anxious to get out electricity turned on in our build to see the dark powder room paint finally! BM Knoxville Gray on the walls with one of BM's Metallic paints on the ceiling, Liquid Mercury PT-350. The lights were turned on yesterday morning. I went by the house, flipped on that light and saw a dark ceiling that looks to be the same eggshell finish as the walls. It seems strange since the bathroom is lit by a four-light chandelier near the ceiling that should be reflecting off the finish. This paint turned out be pricier than I thought. I would have just used a wallpaper had I known about the price and this mess. Has anyone used a metallic paint? Why would this happen?

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Did you try a sample of it on a board before you painted? Who purchased the paint you or your contractor? Did it look like it should reflect like metal. If so then I'd guess either the painters didn't stir it properly or they used the wrong paint. Before you get too upset at anyone go look at the can and see if what was bought was what you asked for.

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