Help me with this hood

stacylhApril 22, 2013

Cabinets went in last week with a few glitches with my knobs and now I find that I'm just not loving my wood hood design. I wanted a very clean style in my kitchen but something about it seems "off" and not what I had envisioned. I don't really think the cabinet maker is to blame. I think it's more that every hood photo I sent him had ceilings taller than 8 ft and he also had to work around the insert design.

I'm just thinking the ledge part seems pretty "blah" and dead. Would love to hear your opinions about what I could do to dress it up a little. I'm not sure if some sort of appliqué would work or not.


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I see what you're saying - but I would withhold judgement. With nothing else installed in the kitchen, it's the first thing you see. Once you have appliances and countertops (and backsplash?) I think the hood might look less glaring to you.

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I think it looks great. Simple, as you envisioned. I think once your counters and backsplash are installed, your attention will be taken away from it. Can't wait to see the completed project.

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I agree to wait until the rest of it is done. If you don't like it then, I don't think I would do an only. Perhaps I would onlay panels on to it similar to your door/drawer fronts. But, you don't want to overwhelm it with something like that either.

Is the crown a different color than the cabinets? That may be part of the problem with your perception here. My eye is stopping short of the ceiling rather than being taken to the ceiling.

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I like it! Once everything else is in, it's going to look great.

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stacy- I just noticed on another thread a kitchen breezy referenced that has a hood like yours that you might like to see:

Here is a link that might be useful: iamfletcher's kitchen

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GreenD, the crown hasn't been painted yet, only primed. It will match the cabinets when done, so hopefully that will help!

Leela, thanks for the link! That really helps a lot!

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Holly- Kay

I like it. I loved the pics that showed plates being displayed on the hood!

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I would remove the knobs on the hood and see what you think. Knobs are usually left off on the hood and they may be catching your eye too much.

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I think it looks good, other than the knobs.

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No, I'm not liking the knobs either. I've been toying with that idea. Cabinet maker thought he was doing me a favor by finding a way to have storage up there :) However, it's creating an aesthetic nightmare.

Off with the knobs!!

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I like it! As a matter of fact, that is exactly the look I will try to achieve with our new cabinet install. I like the plates and have also seen photos where they displayed colored glass bottles or pottery and if memory serves a picture mounted above. Sorry no links.

I think like the others have stated, live with it, it will soon fall into place.

And as to the knobs, that might be a good suggestion. Something I should consider as well. But it's kind of hard to access the cabinet with full overlay doors. Maybe those cabinet pulls that mount on the edge of the door frame, down low, where they can't be seen, yet still allow access to the cabinet?

Love your kitchen! Enjoy.

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Sumac, I took the knobs off yesterday and you are right, it will be very hard to access those cabinets without something. I may try to find a very small knob and try to hide them with decor. However, I felt much better about the hood, in general, with those being gone.

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Holly- Kay

Could you use a pretty glass knob there? They would tend to blend into the white and be a bit of eye candy at the same time!

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Wow I cant believe I'm reading this post! I am in the exact same position. Just had the hood installed today and when he mounted the wood over it something just doesn't sit right with me. I keep staring at it. Something is "off". The face of it is too plain and large. I might ask my cabinetmaker to install an overlay over it that matches the face of my cabs. Its really bugging me. Keep updating your progress. Id love to see what you come up with.

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Ooohhh, holly, now that's an idea!!

Halfwaythere, I see what you mean. I'm wondering what yours would look like if you had a piece of small crown on the top edge of yours and maybe a piece of bullnose around the bottom. Can't wait to see what your cab maker suggests!

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Your kitchen looks great.

I do think there's a disconnect between a built in custom hood and cabinets over the range. I would have him replace the doors with one panel that does not open. Then if you want more detail, hang a tile or a plate or something like that centered on the single panel.

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Stacylh- Here is a picture of my cabinets that just went up this week. My hood is similar to yours. The middle panel that is not there right now is removable to get to the vent if needed, and the two sides are for storage. I opted not to put knobs on those so I could display plates, etc without the knobs showing. My cabinets are shaker and I did corbels on the bottom. If you need a close up and can take another picture.

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That's gorgeous, Pandora.

Ask your cabinet guy about push-latches. Whatever they're actually called, they mount behind the door and you push them in to catch and push them in to release and open. They can be mechanical or magnetic.

Stacy, I think your hood is going to look wonderful once it's decorated and is part of a finished, decorated kitchen. My own is similar in style but mounted between windows, and I really enjoy changing out what goes on and above the shelf as seasons and occasions change.

Halfwaythere, your kitchen is going to be fantastic, and your hood's a creation in progress but obviously going to be a wonderful feature. Maybe fill a pad of graph paper with possibilities and see what you really like?

I'm wondering if a deeper horizontal piece, not a shelf but suggesting one, that extended across the entire thing to make it one would be nice. The doors on the side cabinets would need to be shorter, of course. And, of course, invisible door latches for you too, at least for sure on the top ones, but I'd be inclined to at least significantly downplay the ones on the side doors too (small knobs in the bottom corners?). There's too much good stuff to look at to let handles distract the eye.

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Rosie, push latches is a great idea!! I'll check into that!

Granite is going in tomorrow....yay!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would either take the knobs off and decorate above, or leave the knobs on and don't decorate above, but instead get a wood onlay onto the face of the board, or wait until you pick your backsplash and you can mount decorative tile on it that coordinates with the backsplash tile....or you can even use a wall paper border that fits in between the moldings. If you turn it into a feature, you'll be glad it's more prominent than the rest of the cabinetry.

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Wondering what you decided, and are you happy with it now? I'm feeling tortured by my (lack of a) hood design!

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