New Pool Build in South Louisiana

srbamiNovember 24, 2010

We have chose our PB. He will start next week! I am so excited. However, there are still decisions to be made, brick or travertine coping, decking, and plaster to be exact. I like the gravel washed decking but not sure how it would look if I go with the travertine. My husband would like pavers. Also, how does the plaster hold up? I've read on here about streaking or something. Does the darker plaster colors show that more or what? I am leaning towards the diamond brite super blue, midnight blue, or tahoe blue. Any advice on anything I have mentioned would be very appreciated.


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You didn't mention it, but every new build should entertain the idea of orienting the pool so prevailing wind helps carry flotsam toward the skimmer port

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Your right! I didn't mention it. Because, I never even thought of it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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A pleasure I assure you

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Disappointed Srb that you didn't get more response, Maybe this post will bubble up the thread

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Thanks! Even though there isn't much response, I still come here every day reading about different things I need to be aware of. I am so glad I stumbled on this site.

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I would stay away from midnight blue and tahoe....color doesnt stay a builder, I do not offer those colors. Super blue is a nice choice, also french grey is awesome....Where in Louisiana are you?

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srbami...welcome aboard...and congrats on your decision to build a pool.

Our pool is midnight blue mixed with Onyx in a 5:1 ratio. The onyx was used to darken the midnight blue. Our PB showed us pics of this combination and few pools finished this way. We immediately knew it was the look we wanted...your preference may vary.

Our finish is a darker finish and did show streaking. The streaking is a result of the plaster "cream" that is left behind after troweling. The "cream" is a ligher color that shows better against darker finishes. The streaking can be eliminated if an acid bath or acid wash is used after the plaster is applied. This will remove the cream. We opted not to have either an acid wash or acid bath and kinda preferred the streaks as it matched our natural theme we were after. Our PB said the finish will also last longer without acid wash/bath because these techniques remove some of the plaster finish. Not sure if this is true but it made sense at the time.

I've noticed the streaking has gotten lighter over the last 3 years as this cream layer slowly erodes...I guess this supports the "finish lasting longer theory". If this continues, eventually our streaking will be gone altogether as the cream completely erodes.

Below is a link to our pool showing the color to help with your decision.

You'll notice from the pics that the sun intensity and angle make the color vary greatly throughout the day.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Midnight Blue with Onyx Addition

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