Sewer easement questions

amyoyoApril 19, 2013


We are in the process of buying a property built in 1952. We share a sewer line with 2 other properties and our line has to cross their property to access the main line. There are no records of easements as the water companies have changed and these were set up as private lines. We would like to get a legal agreement before buying the house.

Some questions:

-Do you think the current neighbors will agree to creating an easement?

-Do they have any obligations to honor our access to the main sewer line as they purchased their houses with the existing set up?

-The way that the sewer lines are configured is not up to current standards. If we submit paperwork for an easement is it possible the city will require us to update our entire system?

-If we have to update the whole system how will it be possible to connect to a city line if they do not agree to the easement?

We are finding a lawyer to help us with this but I was wondering if any others have experience or insight into this matter.

Many Thanks

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You can check with your local county building officials along with your lawyer specializing in RE.

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"Do you think the current neighbors will agree to creating an easement? "

You probably already have one.

It would be more likely to occur on the chain of title for the properties you are crossing than on yours.

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