Any tips for Excavation Day?

marta_pNovember 8, 2010

We finally got our permit and the PB e/mailed today to say that Friday is excavation day - SO exciting!!!! Does anyone have any tips for getting through it? I'll be at home but not sure what role I should be playing in the whole process. Would love everyone's input. Thanks in advance! Marta

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Take lots of pictures!! Our contractor started by drawing the outline of the pool shape on the grass. I think that's the most important thing you have to approve. Beyond that, they should be able to handle the rest. I was home on the day of our excavation and periodically went out to take pictures and check on progress to understand what they were doing. It's lots of fun to watch! And don't hesitate to ask questions if you're curious or unsure about something.

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If it's not too late Marta orient it so that your prevailing wind helps move flotsam toward the skimmer

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I would say have them spray the outline on the yard a day or two before, so you have some time to contemplate it. Adjustments are a lot easier prior to excavation.

Also, keep all the windows and doors closed (if the site is even remotely close to the house) through the entire process--it's very dusty process. :)

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Your best role is providing the pizza and drinks.
Every contractor loves that.

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Anything you have in the backyard that you think wont be in the way, well.. it will be. Move everything you want to keep intact.

Rope off any area you don't want trampled, like that treasured daisy garden etc, the diggers will use that as a walkway if its the path of least resistance.

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Thanks everyone. Will get the grill moved (oops) and get organized for lunch.

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