Polaris 280 revisited

dalehilemanNovember 10, 2010

If you're familiar with the device I have a couple of questions. As our 380 is wearing out after some 7 years of 3-hrs/day service I am considering replacing it with a 280 which gets better grades by Amazon customers than any of its predecessors or successors and whose price remarkably has dropped in half so

1. Can the 280 be used with the same booster as the 380

2. Would you happen to know if its bag-assembly base (two concentric plastic rings) comes apart in the same way as the 380's so when the fabric wears out you can easily substitute a home-made bag and

3. Can you guess why the price of the 280 has dropped so; for instance (a) has it been discontinued and if so (b) whether this bodes ill for the continuing availability of spare parts

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1) Yes

2) Yes

3) Pricing on the 280 will vary. Polaris has what they call LAAP. which is lowest advertised price. Most resellers violate guideline. The 280 LAAP is $549. Then you take into the concideration any/all rebates they have to offer. If I am not mistaken they have a $50 rebate offer right now.

I saw the price for the 280 on Amazon as well. That is an excellant price. I would take advantage of it while they can offer it.

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Irish thank you most kindly for that input

Your conclusion is well taken and I shall do it the moment I can afford, hoping its Amazon price remains at that bargain level

Meantime however still wondering about the possibility the price might be a signal that Polaris is discontinuing it though of course how could you know unless you were an insider in which case you'd never admit it

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