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kats_meowApril 23, 2010

We can have 16 photos in our listing and would appreciate feedback on which pics and any comments.

The link goes to 18 pics. The 2 I am inclined to not use are the ones of the pool that show the fence (I prefer the pool fence that shows the patio and back of house and garage and guest house) and the picture of the porch.

Things we don't have pictures of - most of the backyard where there is nothing, bedroom upstairs that has futon in it (smallest bedroom), extensive built ins in master bath, covered patio, close up of front. Overall though I think that I agree with the omissions.

On changes to photos:

1. We need to take another pic of pool without pool equipment showing. I do prefer the view where we see the covered patio and back of house.

2. Master bath - Photo looks overally elongated to me. Would redo it.

3. Study, would remove the monitor and notebook computer on left with the cords hanging down especially since it isn't being used. My husband was the one who was supposed to make sure everything was put up for the photos and he didn't catch that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of House

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The pictures are kind of small and hard to see. The guesthouse inside picture doesn't do anything for me. The first bedroom picture looks kind of stretched out and funny.

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You can enlarge them by clicking on the boxes at the top next to show. You can enlarge to where you only look at one pic at a time. Where it says Show click on the larger blue box where the legend as you mouse over it is View as large thumbnails.

Yes I didn't love the guesthouse inside picture but didn't like to not have a picture of it. As a buyer if there isn't a pic of something like that I wonder if it is because it is awful in there.

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You can also enlarge by clicking on the picture.

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I could be wrong, but to me, including so many pictures kind of eliminates the need (in my mind) to tour the house. With that many pictures, it's hard not to find something that's not to your own personal taste, so XX goes the house...

I agree with Terriks about Bedroom 2 looking wonky and the guesthouse interior. I'd also lose the den and study - not because they're unattractive, but only to trim the number of photos. The Porch photo got an immediate 'Jail!' reaction from me, so I'd definitely lose it.

The house exterior, entry, and guesthouse exterior shots are lovely, and I'd lead with those.

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I think I will them redo the pics of Bedroom 2 and the guesthouse interior and also the study. Around here most everyone (especially in the higher price ranges) uses the 16 pics and it would look unusual not to have 16 pics. If I saw a listing with less I would wonder what they were hiding. The first pic (the one showing on the listing if you look at nothing else) is the house exterior and the next is the entry which actually turned out to be a great looking pic.

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Why wouldn't you have one of the bath with all the built-ins? Are they not attractive?

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I agree with Sweeby. Too many pictures just gives people an excuse to weed you out. The object is to show just enough to want them to come and see the rest. By showing the whole house, they have no reason to come see it. I would keep, The front picture of the house, the entry (stunning),kitchen, den, lvng rm, sunroom, the front picture of the guest house and masterbath. If you are in a warm climate, show a pic of the pool, if you are not, don't include it. In my area, alot of buyers will discount a house because it has a pool without ever going to see it.

Also, just a little feedback on one of your rooms, you may want to add an area rug to your den, just to pull it all together. The furniture seems to be floating in the room.

Good Luck, Lovely Home!

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I am not showing the built ins in the bath because they are oriented such that if you show them you can't show the vanity. The built ins are nice looking.

Cood idea on the den about the area rug. Will look into that. We are in a warm climate and many people have pools.

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The photographer did a nice job. Only two that I would change. The inside of the guest house does not show that space well. The kitchen- I'm assuming that is a breakfast bar on the right, so if the angle included the entire kitchen, I think it would show better. Do you have a link to your listing?

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I guess everyone has a differnet opinion. I like a lot of photos in a listing. Mainly when I don't see a photo of a kitchen, bathroom or various other amenity i assume its b/c it looks bad.

the porch photo doesn't show well. you probably could lose 1 of the pool and the 2nd bedroom dosen't do anything for me.

Even if a house has 1 thing I don't like I would most likely see it. I guess it really depends on what your local market is like. That house is far nicer than I could afford by me and my housing stock is so old that anything that has been built/renovated within the past 20 years is a breathe of fresh air.

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