is it bad to overfill a pool? It's raining a lot!

Fori is not pleasedNovember 30, 2012

It's raining here and our pool is filling up. The water line is up to the coping and we're just getting started with the rain.

Is that a problem? If it makes a difference, the plaster is pretty new but the coping and deck need to be replaced. It won't freeze.

I should probably know this, but it just doesn't rain here and the idea of rain overfilling a pool seems preposterous.


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pump some water out, its not good to overfill. depending on type of coping water can get behind shell and cause problems and its eaiser for dirt, runoff or other garbage thats flooding around you to get into pool.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks Jump. It's uhhh I don't know. Concrete. But I don't know how it's put together. The coping and concrete are pretty much shot at this point in their life and will hopefully be redone next year but I don't want any serious damage of course. Looks like this and was installed in 1961:

I don't think it will actually spill over but I doubt it has a very good seal between tile and coping. (And I don't know if there is even supposed to be a seal there. Still learning this pool stuff.) Is there most likely a thing on the pump that I can open to drain the pool?


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Extended periods of months will weaken the coping bond and can penetrate the thinset. Short periods won't do much. When it stops raining, just lower the pool. Since this isn't exactly swimming season, redoing the coping and tile next year will be fine.


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Fori is not pleased


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