Newbie Hot Tub Owner - Questions On Chemicals

gil_happyNovember 10, 2013


I am a first time hot tub owner and I'm in the process of having my electrical contractor come out to my home and complete the electrical connections to my HotSpring Grandee Hot Tub which I have 'inherited' from my neighbor while he is renting.

I have a question namely about chemicals and maintaining the water. There is lots of information on the net about how to maintain and treat the water with different chemicals.

Does anyone have a suggestion about what chemicals to purchase (maybe ones that aren't so harsh to the body and swimming suit?) and testing equipment? I'm very new to this and the subject and I'm looking for any information that will help me out.

I'm sure probably has everything I need, but I need help navigating the process.

Thanks in advance!

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I have owed a hot tub for 25+ year and have tried most sanitation methods. Here is what I have found is most effective.

A. For sanitizer use Bromine tablets in a floater.
B. Use Mule Team 20 to raise ALK and Baking soda to raise PH. Until you get a feel for them do very small amounts. That is all that you really need to monitor. Buy a test strip kit that tests all three.
C. Get a second filter. Swap them every week, spray out the removed one well and leave it outside until the next swap. The sun and elements kill nasties.
D. Drain, clean and refill every three months minimum. Hard to say if you should do more frequently, it is based on how much you use it. But unless it is a huge tub, they do not take that much water and a drain and refill is always better that trying to fix bad water.

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Concur with keithw on all points, except swapping the filter. Depends on use. If a lot, agree. I would add the less you worry and fritter the better. Be easy on yourself, it is easy to over manage the water. Go for close not precise levels else you will lose your mind, over treat the water. Ever pilot a boat? Same thing. You can oversteer yourself into a frenzy.

Enjoy it, the winter is our fav time.

The only suit to wear is the Birthday suit.......

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Thanks very much for the feedback.... my hot tub is 500 gallons and I plan to use maybe once or twice a week. Most of the time it will be just myself or one other person.

Thanks again

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I use bromine tablets, there aren't as harsh as chlorine but then they dissolve much slowly than chlorine. If you have problem with the odor of chlorine then I suggest you use bromine too. Other than these two I have heard of mineral sanitizers used as cleaners in the hot tub which doesn't cause much odor or are harsh to our body. But on the flip side these are relatively expensive and doesn't clear water like the other two.

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The sanitizers and the algaecides are helpful to keep your hot tubs denver very clean.. Also you can call the professionals sometimes for the proper maintenance of your hot tubs..

Here is a link that might be useful: hot tubs denver

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