Help me identify this color please

vidyaramMay 1, 2012


I am trying to paint my daughters room in this color. Could you please help me identify this from PB Kids Mid Spring catalog:

I have also added the link to BNenjamin Moore Spring 2012 colors. The paint color is not stated in the page of the catalog itself and my daughter loves this room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Benjamin Moore colors for Spring

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I don't know about the BM colors but it looks exactly like Behr 790E-2 Gentle Rain.

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It doesn't matter what the color is, but what it looks like. Paint colors are notoriously unpredictable in print. I recommend taking the page to the paint store and having it custom matched.

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If you contact PB kids they can probably tell you. i have done that before and they were very helpful.

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My next door neighbor used the exact same inspiration picture to do her little girls' room. PB said the color was BM Natura "Spring Iris." The room came out beautiful.

Here are more PB Kids color chips they used in the Spring Catalogue.

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Behr gentle rain looks like a close match
I called customer service and they could not help me because it was not listed on the page. Why would I call customer service if it was listed. I guess teh CS is for their items not paint:)
I will try and BM store for color match
Thanks for the suggestion. I love that Spring Iris too. Maybe I can give it a try. I feel that color is more lavender and the color in the catalog is more gray with mauve.
Would Elephant gray listed in the colors be a close match?

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What is the page #?

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Spring Iris - just like colorblind noted.

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It is page 12 in the Spring 2012 catalog and pg 52 in the mid Spring Catalog. I guess the lighting makes it look different.
I would love to know how you found the color so that I can find it the next time.
Thanks Colorblind and theFoxesPad for helping me out. I will post the pictures once I am done.

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