Single stainless undermount with ledges!!

renelso1April 14, 2014

In the process of a kitchen remodel and am obsessed with my sink choice - despite needing to make final decision on lighting today!!!

I really like the price if the Ruvati rvh8300 but am nervous about the zero radius and would prefer a small radius.

I also like the houzer novus but can't find anywhere to see it in person. Does anyone know the radius of the corners? It's listed under zero radius but the description says small. Also, there are few reviews here

Love love live the Oceania Franke but wish it were more square.

Last on the short list is Dawn SRU311710


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I, too, was obsessed with my sink chose and wanted a more "square" sink. Franke has a showroom that is nearby so I was able to see all of their sinks and all of their accessories in one place. I really liked the Oceania ... perfect size, perfect depth, and I loved the nifty shelf system ... but the corners had a much larger radius than I wanted. Still, I didn't find anything else anywhere that I liked better, so I bit the bullet and got it. NO REGRETS! I really love my sink and I really like the rounded corners, too ... super easy to clean and I like the way it looks, too. Plus it has a cool little bowl that fits over one side so I can have the option of a double-bowl sink when I want it.

Good luck with your search!

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If you want a sink that's close to zero radius but still easy to clean, check out Kraus sinks. I love my huge single bowl Kraus! There's no shelf, but never even knew I might "need" one. Kraus is available all over the web. We got ours at Great company!

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jellytoast - we are most likely going to be purchasing the Franke Oceania 30" size. We like the look and it gets great reviews, yours included. However, I am unclear on how the accessories fit into the sink. Their website does a poor job of showing them in use. Do you happen to have a picture of the bowl and bottom rack in use that you could share?

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I have the same Kraus sink as ck and like it a lot. I'm not as enamored of it as I was of my Franke Orca (previous home), but I wanted a rectangular sink with near-zero radius corners and it fits the bill, and is solid and quiet. The packing it came in was absolutely noteworthy.

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jellytoast, can you post a pic of that sink? Sounds interesting and I'm building in a location where there are no sinks to see in person except at Home Depot. I have to choose through the internet. Your removable bowl sounds interesting.

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i too wanted a ledge- more for putting in a grid for when you just want to wash a few dishes in lieu of a dish rack. also wanted a small-zero radius and single basin. i was looking at the franke peak but it's soooo expensive. was looking for other options.

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Sure, here is the Oceania with the optional bowl on the left and the shelf grid on the right. The lip of the bowl fits over the granite so that it remains suspended above the sink. It stores easily under the sink when it's not being used.

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Here it is with the bottom grid and the shelf grid. I rarely use the bottom grid, but use the shelf grid and bowl all the time.

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Jelly - How old is your Oceania? Just wondering because yours has the ledge in it that I am not seeing in the versions currently shown on the Franke site or faucetsdirect that I can tell. Wondering if they redesigned it at some point.

Edit - I found their catalog that describes the OXX with the integral shelf and I am assuming the OAX without as it does not list it or show the shelf as an option. They need help with their website!

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Ntr8, are you referring to the reveal along the edge of the sink? If I recall correctly, there is a lip all the way around the sink that is maybe 5/8 of an inch wide, allowing for different profiles along the edge ... you can go with a positive, flush, or negative reveal. I went with a slightly positive reveal, with about 1/8 of an inch "lip" there. You don't have to have that with this sink ... but the edge is finished so that you can have a positive reveal if you choose to. Negative or completely flush is perfectly fine and doable.

Some of Franke's sinks are designed for a positive reveal because their accessories are sometimes intended to fit right on top of that reveal. So if you are going to purchase accessories, you will need to be aware of whether or not they will require that reveal to fit and function properly. Some can fit right on top of the granite (like the bowl pictured above) so a reveal is not necessary.

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That is so cool! What size is it?

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Ntr8, has the OXX (with ledge and optional grids). They are a Franke approved online retailer and who I ordered my Orca from. They are very nice people, easy to deal with (you actually get to speak to someone on the phone after placing your order online).

Here is a link that might be useful: Oceania with Ledge

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Sink is 28 in x 17 in with a 9 in depth. The accessory bowl fits perfectly inside and is about 6 inches deep. The sides are slightly tapered so that it does not come into contact with or mar the sink.

Ntr8, I see from hsw_sc's post that I may have misinterpreted your post. You are referring to the ledge where the grid sits? As hsw_sc says, the sink comes in two versions, with the ledge and without. The ledge is an upgrade which means an increase in price, too. IMO, it is money well spent. My sink is about a year old and I don't think they've redesigned it since then.

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I too used kitchensnbath and found them to be most helpful. It is an actual brick and mortar store so you are speaking with the owner, not some call center for a warehouse. She spent a great deal of time explaining the different sinks and the pros and cons of each.

A spent last summer in a vacation rental with a zero radius rectangular sink and I hated having to clean those corners.

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