Solar Pool Pump

cnr1089November 12, 2010

Anyone ever use a Solar Pool Pump (such as the one on this page

The idea sounds good. There isn't enough information (or I haven't dug in enough) on the page to see if it makes sense (real price of the unit), but if my pool pump can run from the Sun when available, why not?

What are the downsides? Does it switch to the grid when there isn't enough sun?

I live in the Northeast, so I understand the sun isn't like it is in Cali or Arizona, but any little bit will help. I am all for long term investments that will pay off (and make me feel less guilty about running my pool).



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Based on what they say your rate of return is, I would say them must be at least 5K or better. I am sure there is some extensive install as well.

Not sure what electricity costs in your neck of the woods, but it very greatly around the country, so your ROI would very greatly. Here we have off peak rates at 6 cents so it might take 10 years or more to recover the costs.

They are working their numbers off a single turn of your pool. This would not be strong enough for an infloor system, or cleaner.

IMHO you would be better off with a variable speed pump like an Intelliflo. You can cut your costs down tremendously.

Unless you are one of those who believes all the hype and wants a hug from a Polar bear. (cant believe that commercial)

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I have used solar powered swimming pool pumps before. I was amazed at the results. The location I installed them at was Hawaii, so the results and the savings were much greater in that location than they would be in your location. The pumps are expensive and the pv panels are even more expensive. Check with sunray about the current tax rebates that would help defer the costs. They are the best solar pumps available today.

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