banana_fannaNovember 2, 2010

While searching for some other into on this site I came across this pic of the pool you built on the roof.

That house, the conservatory on top, the

I hope the pic was taken from a helicopter because it would be a shame if all that privacy was wasted on a taller building next door.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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LOL....I was reluctant to open this thread...Thought I was in trouble.

I can't take credit for "The Rooftop Pool". One of my Colleagues designed it and Neptune Pools built it after another local company got in over thier head. It really is an incredible piece of work. It's not the first pool that we did as part of the house. We did one a few years back that was on MTV cribs for a prominant music producer in Atlanta. I had a big part in that one when I was still an excavtor. Here is a link to the house website.

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That is a hot pool,
Especially the last two pics:)

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Here is a link to our project that was on MTV Cribs. I played a big part in this project as the excavtor. We had a crane hoist the bobcat inside the house so we could spread the dirt in the pool area. 50 loads of dirt was brought in just to get my Track-Hoe high enough to throw the dirt into the pool area. While we were working there we had to pass through the Aquarium glass to get to the pool. I like what Lenny gives him as a b-day present. I would love to have friends like that.

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Next producer.

Gorgeous pool. My computer is wonky so it was buffering the video weird. What was going on with the jet of water in the pool?

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The jets you see in the corner of the pool is actually a flush spa.

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