Thoughts on tile with Caribbean Blue Pebble Tec?

martakeithNovember 30, 2010

Hi all, well, we're about halfway through our pool build and, since we're in the North East, the plaster and tile will be done in the spring. I need to start thinking about waterline tile and I wonder if anyone has suggestions? We are planning on Caribbean Blue Pebble Tec and are using champlain grey techno bloc Blu pavers. I'd appreciate any thoughts, or even photos!! Thanks in advance, Marta

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I have Caribbean Blue in my pool, it is beautiful. If you are in MA, be careful that pool companies are not selling you an awful immitation product, calling it Pebble Tec. This happened to us, we were shown Pebble Tec samples, the pool company hired a company called Triade they came in and did a cheap immitation product called river rock, it was terrible. The pebble was terrible, not even close to the quality of Pebble Tec, we made the company re-plaster it with Pebble Tec.

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We can suggest a great company to install your pavers also, they are New England Hardscapes, a top notch compay that knows there stuff. They installed the pavers on our pool deck and also built us a beautiful fieldstone fireplace and outdoor kitchen.

My wife and I would highly recommend them.

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While Pebble Tec is Pebble Tec, River Rok is a completely different product.

It is a significantly more durable product than plain white or colored plaster, it does offer some looks that are different than PT's that many people like.

Portraying River Rok as an equivalent is misleading at best but it is by no means a cheap imitation product. It is more expensive than plaster but less than PT. It's made by a fairly reputable outfit, Southern Grout And Mortar (SGM).


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Hi Marta: This ironic. We are in Mass and our pool is at the exact same phase of construction, and we choose Carribean Blue Pebble-tec (yes, true Pebbletec). We are struggling with the tile choice as well. I really would like a six inch tile, but the curves in the pool may dictate something smaller. The pabble-tec site offers tile but I was not that impressed. I found the national pool tile site to be helpful but still undecided Anyone out there with Carriben-Blue Pebble-tec and photos of your tile choice would be helpful.

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pat_gil, that is funny. what PB are you using, do you mind my asking? we are using Andrews (and the real Pebble Tec). That said, I've seen some beautiful pools that have river rok and if we had gone with Environomental Pools we would have been pleased to use the baja sand. Our PB seems to have limited options for tile, I'll check out national pool tile site, thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi Marta: We are with Andrews. I was thinking the tile should compliment the coping, given we are doing a poured coping, simulating flag stone, I would select a tile that compliments it (perhaps Blue-China, or the 156 Blue). If I elect to have the tile match closer to the BP, than I was thinking Lake Blue. Needless to say, I will be asking for more than the "two" samples they are willing to bring to the site. Have you asked Andrews if they offer other tiles? I have not -yet.

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Hi pat_gil, I haven't yet asked - but they did bring 3 samples that I requested. I'm doubting that they'll be very flexible since they seem to have a pretty standard formula that they use for everything. Key example was when I insisted on LED lights, or a design drawing before we signed the contract. I'm happy with the work thus far though, so no complaints!

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