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Rob FlemingApril 16, 2011


We haven't sold yet, but...I'm wondering about the logistics of closing. Once we sell our house, we must make living arrangements (in our case we want to rent for a year before buying), line up movers etc. Once the house goes under contract, at what point should we feel comfortable enough to find an apt and sign a lease and order the movers (or even move). I've actually done this 2 times before but it was all such a blur I can't remember how all this works. Can anyone shed some sage advice about this?


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I've also been wondering, no, worrying about this because I am selling a farm and we are moving to another state. How in the world can we close and move a whole farm to another state in one day and close on the new place? We can't rent. Not only do we have animals, but I can't keep changing my daughter's school. I've also done this before, but in the past, the market was so good I got lucky and the people who bought my farms allowed us to stay in the house for a few weeks after closing. But nowadays, people have to sell their own houses first and so they're going to have to get out too. I sold this place a couple of months ago and then the deal fell through two days before closing. I had to cancel everyone. The movers were scheduled for a three day trip out of state, the horse haulers were waiting... it was a mess. I'm glad you asked this question.

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We recently sold our house. We waited until the inspections were over before we did much to get ready. (We had a cash buyer so didn't have to worry about financing). We moved out the day before closing.

As far as leasing a place, we will be building so were going to sign a fairly long lease and I didn't feel comfortable doing that but I wanted to have somewhere to go as soon as closing.

We rented a house contingent on the sale closing. The landlord balked a bit on the contingency but I agreed to let them keep some money if we didn't close and therefore didn't rent the house. We spent the night between moving out and closing at a hotel. The movers held our stuff in the truck overnight.

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Loveinthehouse - I have helped a friend in a similar situation move on two separate occasions. In both cases, we were able to load up all the house contents and animals in two days. We moved the geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, fish, house birds, cats and dogs ourselves, while professional haulers transported the horses and house contents. My friend rented the whole time she was in California and there are also plenty of horse properties for rent in my area.

The last move was from California to Ohio and we had four days to get across country for the closing on her new property.

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Akrogirl, thanks for the pep talk. I can do it!

I think.

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