Intelliflo pump and in-line chlorinator

bruce_poolguyNovember 15, 2010

Anyone have issues with in-line chlorinator / feeders not getting enough flow to operate properly while Intelliflo VF pump runs at low speeds ?

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Make the chlorinator top feed instead of bottom feed.

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Forgive me Bruce if this is slightly OT but might prove pertinent anyhow. Just a couple of days ago my crew finished and fired up our new Intelliflow installation. Sure enough just as I had feared, at lowest speed the output of our sand filter wouldn't support the requirement of our Polaris booster which I'm advised might self-destruct if pressure here goes negative

Fortunately however the leader of our crew, a high-level executive in the Aerospace Industry whom I shall call Ike, knew exactly what to do, programming the controller so that the Intelliflow switches to a higher speed (incidentally 2300 rpm), just a few minutes before booster is set to come on

So far the only drawback to our new system is that I've been deprived of the ability to independently control the booster, which I sometimes need to start earlier when the bottom is especially messy or which I'd like to stop occasionally, pulling out to adjust its jet or make repairs

Ike has promised to address this issue upon his next visit. Meanwhile however, Irish's suggestion has some merit. I'm not familiar with chlorinators but I'm guessing in my case I might connect the booster at the input of the filter instead of output

Critical issue might prove whether flow is even great enough at this point for the booster which really sucks (no pun intended)

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Dale once again your response has nothing to do with what was asked. There was no mention of a booster yet you got off into some rant about booster pumps. As you stated you know nothing about chlorinators. So please if you have no valuable input do not reply.

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Assuming you have programmed the pump to run at a high speed for cleaner, the top feed approach is best for the feeder. It easily converts by removing the plug and swapping out the hose.

On the dude with the Polaris issue, how about an actuator to divert through a control system that specifically rotates to feed an appropriate amount of flow down the sweep line to drive that sweep. It's a bit unproductive to have an IntelliFlo AND a booster for a sweep.

Better yet, I beleive the Letro booster for 2011 is going to be variable speed so check that one out. It's a brilliant idea.

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Guy thanks for not attacking me mercilessly, thought the Irish were supposed to be so easy going. I had assumed that his references to "top" v "bottom" feed might have referred to the filter, where pressure at the bottom might be much lower but apparently was mistaken which will no doubt cause thousands of GW participants to spend their life savings fruitlessly for which apologize profusely but highly recommend for his benefit the occasional use of kava kava or St John's wort

" about an actuator to divert through a control system that specifically rotates to feed an appropriate amount of flow down the sweep line....."

Thank you Guy for that suggestion. I had considered a scheme similar to what you suggest but instead connecting booster at input of filter where pressure is much higher, thereby obviating the need for additional gear. However with Vf at low speed wasn't sure even there it might not be adequate to serve the needs of the booster

However the system our engineer-expert Ike came up with had an unexpected benefit: During the hour of sweep with higher flow much of the flotsam is better carried to the skimmer port

Bruce sorry for all the OT but Guy to avoid further ruffling Irish's dander I'd be most happy to further discuss your proposal as or for the benefit of Polaris owners you might consider opening a new thread specifically to discuss the dangers of switching to vf without making special provision for the booster

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