New Pool Build in NW Houston

janesmNovember 5, 2009

Thanks to all the help IÂve received from this forum, we made all of our decisions, chose a great PB and they have broken ground!

This pool is intended first and foremost for our dogs, to help them maintain their athletic physical condition (they compete at agility trials), and for their enjoyment. We also wanted to be able to swim laps. The surfaces of the plaster, deck, and coping were all selected to be gentle on our dogÂs feet, to minimize pad abrasions.

20 feet x 40 feet, rectangle

5Â x 10Â sunshelf

10Â Bench with exit step for dogs

Aqua Blue PebbleSheen

Pentair 60sf DE filter

Pentair Challenger 2 HP pump

Aquarite Salt System

2 500W Lights

2 skimmers

6 returns

1000 sf Spray Deck

12" x 24" honed bullnose travertine coping

Polaris 280

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Very nice yard. Just curious...who is your builder?

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Our builder is Flamingo Custom Pools. Although it is early in the process, I have been more than impressed with the professionalism of Rich and Jane Blank, and of their hardworking subcontractors. Will post more pics soon!

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Rich is a awesome pool builder.
I've known him from back in the early 90's. He's always been a stand up guy and businessman. I know he'll make you proud.
I'm sure the dog's will be HAPPY too!!! SE Texas is a great place to be a dog and have a pool.
My wife can tell you where there's couple of fish dogs free to any home, it's really a shame that they're mine, LOL!!!

Congrats on the new pool.

See ya,

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So they do have trees in Texas!

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Of course we have trees in Texas,
and fish dogs too!!!
Jane's backyard is typical of most SE Texas backyards.
What did you think, we all live in the desert with the sagebrush and tumbleweeds???
I'll have to post some pic's of our trees and my wet mutts soon!!!

See ya,

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It's looking more like a pool!

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Where are the steps so the dogs can get out?

Why are the line trenches so shallow? They should be at least 15" down from the top of the pipes.


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Scott, the trenches are deeper than they look - I shot from above. The pool has a 5' x 10' baja shelf as the first step in a large set of stairs. There is also a step next to the bench on the other end for the dogs to get out. I only wanted one way to get out on each end because the pool is for the dog's exercise. My dog friends have warned me that if you provide too many ways out, some dogs will retrieve the thrown ball or bumper, then exit the pool and deliver it to you on land, rather than retrieve it then swim the length of the pool back. Here is a photo of the stairs and bench with exit step.

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Ah, there they are! You might consider a high contrast tile line on the shallow steps. Dogs are color blind. The high contrast will encourage them to use the shallow steps and not even realize the deep swim out.


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Here's our tile and coping.

The decks have been poured (Spray Deck will be done later)and the Pebblesheen is underway.

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Nicely done! Goodluck with your new pool!

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nice, really like the tile. is that the Escalante Blue by chance? if so, we selected that as well and the plant was completely out, even in las vegas and houston. we live in north texas. we decided to go with Mojave Aqua instead. we liked that really well. aqua blue is a great color. it came down to blue granite and aqua for us but blue granite won out. it's a great pool! won't be long now.

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Looks Great. Any pictures of the Aqua Blue PebbleSheen after everything is hopefully working well? We are about to start our own project in Friendswood.

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