Leaf Gulper question + cover update

busboyNovember 25, 2010

I have a leaf gulper cleaner, the type you hook up to a water hose. The net retaining ring around the base has been damaged and needs replacement. I will probably just replace the whole unit since it's about $20-25 online, but it just needs the ring. Can't find just the ring (probably because it would cost $20-25) Any suggestions?

Pool cover update.. I ordered a Loop Loc 20X40 Grecian with a step cover. After measuring, it turns out I can use a stock cover instead of special order which saves about $500. They matched best price so cover came to $1484 with Poolandspa.com


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Did you get the cover yet?


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Yes the cover is installed by yours truly. For those of you who are considering a DIY on a cover a few points. It is not rocket science but it will go easier if you check the various installation videos. It will go easier if you have 2 people at least for the intial layout of the cover and marking the first holes for anchors. IMPORTANT point..Invest in a powerful hammer drill and several concrete bits. I started with a 31/2 amp 1/2 inch drill and was getting nowhere. I bought a 10 amp DeWalt with several bits and cut the drilling time by 90%. I consider the drill part of the installation price. I'll be glad to share the rest with anybody considering a DIY install.
Oh and the Leaf Gulper..Just got a whole new one.

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