Pool coping question in North Jersey

SpeckledhenNovember 15, 2011

Pool guy is really pushing paver coping. I'm already over budget and may have to go with a poured concrete deck with the aluminum coping instead of a paver patio. Honestly, is the aluminum coping as bad as he is telling me? What is the life of an aluminum coping? Are the any problems I should know about to help with my decision? The paver coping is about $3500 for a 16x32 pool. Seems really expensive. I could probably save 5k by getting an aluminum coping and a poured concrete deck. Any comments??? I'm confused!

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How about a cantilever coping with a stamped concrete deck? Much cheaper, looks great, can be tinted, and there's nothing additional needed when it comes time to install your safety cover, whereas precautions are needed if the cover bolts need to go into pavers.

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I'll second jerseypool in so far as a canter levered edge. It really looks sharp.

Whether you stamp and dye it is immaterial.

Since you mentioned an aluminum coping, I assume you are looking at liner pool.

Paver coping on a liner pool comes loose. It is a inevitable as a concrete crack but costly to repair.


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Yes, it is a vinyl pool. I like the look of the cantilever coping. Can the cantilever coping be done after the liner is in? The installer is planning on laying the pavers, so he will be prepping the ground. I'd like for him to assume (because as of now we are) that we will do pavers in the spring. I don't want him to do a half ###'d job because he knows that concrete is going in instead. Then when it fails in 5 years he can say "I told you so" about the concrete failing. Thanks!

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I'd need to see what coping was installed.

Pix from a Photobucket album can be posted by pasting the 3 option in the message box. One per line please. Just hover over the pic, the options appear. Click the 3rd, it's now in your clip board.


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I apologize, I should have noted that we haven't even begun to dig yet. Permits should be in this week, and we will start soon after. I just want to know what my options are and what to expect the final number to end up being. Thanks again!

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Aluminum coping is fine and lasts many many years. I would not hesitate to install it on my own swimming pool.

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I am also in process of making cement pool coping, contractor cut the old cement about 10 inches from all along the edge of the pool and framed it to apply new cement coating, my question is do we need to use rebar to connect to the main deck or just pour cement as is? Picture attached, please give me your thoughts, thanks

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I doubt that you can make coping. Depending on the material, it is pretty specialized. Is it possible? Sure but is it more likely to be brought in as a construction material and then installed? Absolutely.

Most coping is 12" wide.

The coping is attached to the bond beam of the pool, forming a single element. The deck is another, separate, element. Keeping them separate is the main idea so they can expand and contract at different rates. The rebar in the deck shall NOT be attached to the coping or bond beam of the shell.

Aluminum coping is designed for liner pools only, not gunite/shotcrete pools.


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