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vacuumfreakMay 10, 2011

With me, even small projects aren't small, but I did just finish something that I wanted to share. I have a best friend name Larry and we are so close, like brothers.... I wanted to do something to let him know I appreciate him, so I figured a fabric card would be just the ticket. I haven't sewn in so long, it was challenging, and I had fun when the machine wasn't eating my project. I had to dismantle the machine about 9 times to remove my project from its death grip.... tearing the project a few times in the process. I quilted, appliqued, monogrammed, stippled... it was fun. My biggest challenges were to find a way to put his name on the front without taking away from the quilt, and how to attach the 2 sections to each other. In the end, I decided just to sew small blocks of letters on the cover for his name and to just do an eyelet stitch in the top corner to attach the two halves. I originally planned to bind the two halves together by doing a stitch all the way up one side, but that would have distorted the design of the tulips too much.

I once again enjoyed the versatility of my Brother PC 420 (when it wasn't eating parts of the project, and when the thread slicer was working right)... I found a perfect stitch to applique the leaves of the tulips on that actually mimics the veins of a leaf.... before I got this machine I thought I'd never use all those stitches, but now, I'm really impressed with its versatility.

Keep in mind, this was my first attempt at stippling through batting and at stippling a real project, before I've only played. The card definitely has a "homemade" feel, but knowing Larry, he'll love it even more because of the imperfections.

Here's the card:

Now to clean up the mess and get my living room back. There are paper scraps (used paper for a template for the tulips), material scraps and superfluous amounts of thread all over every surface in my living room. The cat doesn't seem to mind, but it's driving me crazy. I need to find a suitable vacuum to clean all the thread with, I've found that suction only vacuums work better because regular vacuums with a beater bar get all tangled up... I'm sure many of you have experienced the same thing. This is what happens when you don't have a devoted sewing studio/room!

Thanks for reading.... I do hope you all have been well. I checked in for a while because I've been too busy/tired to sew, but I do miss it here.

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Thank you for sharing your special project. You did good!!
I know your friend will truly appreciate all the thought and effort you put into your creation. With all those vacs you shouldn't have an difficulty cleaning up. lol. The sad part about having a sewing room is that you can close the door and not worry too much about the clutter and then-----when it becomes a battle to reach the sewing machine you know that it is time to attack..

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I think you did good, too! I'm surprised the cat isn't down there playing with everything. You gave me a chuckle and it's before 8am.....unheard of! I don't have a sewing room either, but have a designated part of the living room that's all mine so I can at least leave the machine set up. You don't have to be sewing to come to the forum and chat. I've been out of town since mid April but still like to keep up with who's doing what. lol

SharonG/FL-IN (going to Michigan later on today)

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