Any pics of Rohl Tuscan brass finish after use?

threeapplesApril 17, 2013

I want a living finish for my faucet to match everything else in our house, but the Tuscan brass looks dark and brushed in the online photos. The iMac brass looks nice but is not a living finish. I'm looking st the Cinquanta faucet, by the way.

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I now like the Kohler Antique faucet but it appears their brass is not a living finish.

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Holly- Kay

I am deciding between two living finishes in the Waterstone PLP 5600. One is American Bronze and the other is Caribbean Bronze. I am very nervous about going with a living finish because we have very hard water and I am worried about extreme water spotting. There is one other waterstone that I am considering that has a clear coat on it.

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I have Rohl Tuscan Brass faucets in my laundry room and powder room. It is a relatively dark finish, but certainly not as dark as an orb. It is similar to a brushed antique brass finish, but I do not think I would confuse the two. Both faucets are used frequently, I have not seen much change in the finish as we have only been in the house about 5 months. I have noticed that they are getting a copper-like greenish patina at the joints or where water sits. I guess that sounds a bit unsightly when put that way, but I like it.
Can't you find one to see in person at a showroom?

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Here is a pic of our powder room faucet. It does not looks quite as dark in person as it does in my phone pic.

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My house is 8 yrs old. My door hardware is ORB in a living finished. It's such a personal preference but I don't think I would do it again. It kind of bugs me how uneven the finishes are. I didn't think it would. I'm sure that faucets would look much better in a living finish.

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