Free-Motion Stars

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMay 9, 2013

I know we've covered this subject time and time again, but this might be a unique situation. I have bit the bullet and am trying to make FM stars in the center square of my QOV wonky stars. I cheated and used a marker to have a line to follow but my problem is, I periodically lose sight of it, and even though I know where I'm supposed to go something happens and I don't end up where I thought I was going. Some of it is my eyesight, but was wondering if there are any tips besides practicing.....I have 4 done and they don't look too bad, but there is a lot of room for improvement and ending where I started! White on white doesn't help either. Thanks for any helpful tips.......

At least I'm trying...........


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Make them wonky on purpose. Don't try and make them perfect and give them odd shapes and they will all look great and no one will know. I think there is a quilt in my past where I did that. They are just five lines that meet at the points so play on a scrap and you'll see you won't need markings except to see where each line ended.

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Good for you, Sharon. Great idea to make everything wonky, Linda. You could also draw the star on paper, pin it down, sew over the line and remove the paper.


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Absolutely made them wonky and irregular in shape, size, and placement on the quilt! The more irregular they are, the easier they will be. If I were doing stars in the center of a block I would connect them with a curved line of stitching from one block to the next block, entering the block from the corners instead of in a straight line from star to star. Star blocks, even wonky stars, are usually all straight lines, so curved lines in the quilting will help soften all the straight lines.


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Well, the good thing is, I don't have to 'try' and make them wonky! HA! They're looking pretty primative as it is.

Teresa, I was wondering about how to get from one to another, too. And, from the corner it is! That's a tip I didn't remember.

Thank you, ladies.


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A tip I learned from an on line crafty class.... Lay some Glad Press n Seal over the top, draw the design using a sharpie on the glad wrap, and quilt. Once done, rip the glad wrap off. It's easy to see the design using a sharpie, the glad wraps sticks to the fabric, doesn't slide on the fabric and keeps the ink from the fabric. Using a smaller stitch and its not too bad to remove the wrap. I tried it a few times and it worked great, just needed to be patient when removing the wrap after quilting.

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