In general, liability issues on vacant land?

JamieApril 18, 2011

We are looking at a property in a developed area at the edge of a smallish town. The house sits at one end of the land, which goes the length of 5 parcels along the road, all backing to a ravine. The first 2 of these are groomed and gardened, the last 3 are a tangle. None of it is fenced.

What are the main problems with owning vacant lots adjacent to your home? If someone gets scratched up in the tangle or falls and breaks a leg in the ravine, is the owner liable?

(I don't have questions about adverse possession at this time, but am wondering whether we would have to fence the place to protect ourselves from injury lawsuits. Or if that would even protect us? )

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P.S, The someone who gets hurt is not our employee or our guest.

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Are you referring to people just out there wandering around?

I think this may vary from state to state, but here, if it's posted with No Trespassing signs, then it's their problem if they came on to YOUR land and broke their leg. In fact, you could press charges against them for trespassing.

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This article might help, however, it's state law specific.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liability for injury on one's property ........

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Check with your insurance agent;
if you insure the house, you can add the other lots to the policy (if they aren't included automatically).

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