Winterizing Pool that hasnt been maintained

obrionusaNovember 8, 2011

I have a smaller inground pool about 16X32. When I opened it this spring I had a water leak and was loosing water faster than normal. So I shut it down and planned to repair it when I had time. Well that never happened and here it is time to close it up. I shocked it a little throughout the summer to keep misquitos out, But it never got totally algie free. Would you close it up as I always do and worry with it next year? Or would you try to shock it run the filter and reduce whatever you had growing in there? When I do shock it I use 8 gallons of liquid chlorine if its not very bad. If its very bad I use 10-12 gallons.

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I would just blow out the lines and equipment and then cover it.

If you only lose water when the pump is on, the leak in either at the equipment pad or its in the return lines somewhere. If its always losing water, keep an eye on it and don't let it drop more than a foot before adding replacement water to keep the pool full or just under the water line tile, if you have them.

If you're using that much liquid at one clip, you are over dosing. If you are using it at a steady pace to maintain a shocking level based on chems levels, good.


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What I mean by shocking with 8-10 gallons is if it gets away from me and turns green. The way it is now it has a lot of algie growth in it so I would do a 10-12 gallon shock let the pump run, backwash etc.

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What I am saying is raising the FC level too high is just as problematic. Use the pool calculator to determine how much you should be adding at a given period. Just dumping it in in that quantity in a pool your size can create other issues, both for the water and the pool's components.


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Where do you find the pool calculator? I always walked in the pool supply place and took their advice. Of course they are wanting to sell more product.

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poolguynj is the one I use. For my Android phone, I use Simple Pool.


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Thanks! Learned something.

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