Deciding between Absolute Black and Virginia Mist granite

julia42April 15, 2014

I'm hoping some of you may have some words of wisdom for me. I'm trying to decide on the granite for my new kitchen and I keep second guessing myself. I'm putting in white shaker style custom cabinets and stainless appliances.

I really, really like honed Virginia Mist granite, and my fabricator has located some for me. It's beautiful, and has such a warm feel to me. But our house is a 90s era suburban builder home and I worry that the Virginia Mist will look out of place. It almost seems like it has an antique, or maybe even rustic, feel to it, which I love, but does not describe my home at all. Also, I tend to like having brightly colored decor (all my dishes are Fiesta, for example), which I worry won't suit it either. Maybe if I paired it with more modern cabinet hardware and kitchen faucet it might ease the antique look?

Absolute Black in a gloss seems like it would work better in the house, but I don't like it as well. I mean, I like it fine, but it doesn't "speak to my soul" in the same way as the Mist, if you know what I mean. Also, I worry that I might find it too stark.

I'm probably way overthinking this. Those of you that have Virginia Mist, do you think it makes your kitchen look antique-y or rustic?

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Kelly Ryan

My kitchen is not quite done so I don't have it all put back together and/or decorated yet, but I don't find my Virginia Mist (Jet Mist) to be antique-y or rustic. I view it as more classic. It reads pretty neutral to me even though it does have the white swirls so I think it would look great with your colorful Fiestaware. Have you decided on a paint color? I think using a color would definitely help from pulling it in the rustic direction as well (pale green?)

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Kitchen-Reno, that's good to hear. I was hoping it would read fairly neutral, but with some interest and variation. Also, the suggestion that the paint would have a big effect is something that I hadn't thought of yet. I'm sort of saving the paint choice for last, as I don't even have my cabinets in yet, so it can be hard for me to visualize. But I had been thinking of either a pale green or maybe a pale aqua.


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Kelly Ryan

I think either of those colors would look great with your other choices. I chose a soft gray, which is rather boring, but the adjoining room in my house is very colorful and I just didn't want an overload. Pale green or pale aqua would both be great.

Are you doing a backsplash? that's another way to make sure you're not introducing the rustic feel that you don't want.

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I think jet mist is totally compatible with lots of styles, and particularly so with Fiestaware (which is kind of retro in my mind, too)

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Yes to the backsplash. I do have my heart set on white subway tiles, though, which are pretty neutral. It's rare that I see any other backslashes I like as well as white subway.

Which is actually one other concern I have with the absolute black - I think a white subway would be kind of boring with absolute black, so I might feel compelled to go with a more remarkable backsplash. Which I don't prefer.

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I have to say that I don't find it boring at all. You can always go for "remarkable" accessories, wall paint, art, light fixtures....

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I have Absolute Black in gloss in a 2nd home -- as others will attest, it is a horror of maintenance with dust, water marks, streaking and just about anything that might fall on it.

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Nosoccermom, your kitchen is beautiful, but it looks like honed absolute. I always think that it's so beautiful, and not at all boring, but it sounds like more trouble than I want to take on. It's the gloss that I think might be boring with white subway tiles...

Gooster, good to know about that too. I'd read more frustration with keeping the honed nice - thought that gloss wasn't as much of a problem.

I went to the granite yard again today and found this granite which I liked, but my husband thinks is too blotchy. I can see his point, but I still find it interesting. It reminds me of slate. It's called "Mogambo"

Gonna be looking around a little more tomorrow.

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Agree with nosoccermom - make the expensive, hard to replace things neutral and use less expensive accessories and paint to change things up.

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Have you posted a pic of the Virginia Mist? I don't have Virginia Mist but I think it's beautiful. In your original post, it sounds like you've found a beautiful slab. I don't think of Virginia Mist as being rustic or having an antique look.
Pick a stone you love, you won't regret it.

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