mabell007November 30, 2010

I just installed a Pentair VS3050, need to conserve cash when it comes to controllers. I saw the posting regarding Intermatic vs. Pentair controllers, (PE653 vs Suntouch, IntelliTouch or EasyTouch) can someone elaborate on mixing brands? Is it really a bad thing to do? Anyone with experience with it would be great to hear from.

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Generally not advisable to mix brands with these type of pumps. If something does go wrong, your warranty would be void.
If you can elaborate on what you are wanting to control we could give you better input.
Suntouch is fairly basic, and inexpensive, easytouch can do quite a bit more, and can have salt added, Intellitouch is a much more powerful control system, and can do just about anything.

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Brand mixing has been going on all over the industry for years and I haven�t heard of any manufacture "voiding the warranty" because you have a manufacture A timer controlling a manufacture B pump, or a manufacture A timer controlling a manufacture B light. Fact is, not all manufactures make the entire line so there equipment needs to control another manufactures equipment. The warranty will NOT be void if you control the pump you purchased with another control. Verbally this is stated to scare you (creative marketing), but you will never find it written this way because it is highly against the law to do so. The reality is the manufactures want you to buy their entire line of products that way they make more money. The bottom line is each manufacture will stand behind their products if there is a problem. Do your research of the equipment with each manufacture and make an informed decision.

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While your warranty issue is correct, the use of a different brand of controller makes finger pointing easier, and in the case of an Intelliflow series pump with a 3rd party controller, may require the use of an additional Intellicom and extra relays in the 3rd party controller, raising costs and complexity.

The main reasons dealers stick with a single brand's product line are pricing and support.

While I am partial towards Pentair, if putting a Jandy product in makes more sense for the customer, it's where I will steer him, even if I would make less. To me, doing right by the customer comes first.


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This is directly from the instructions of an Intelliflo pump.
"The IntelliFlo� VS+SVRS and IntelliPro� VS+SVRS pump ("pump") has been designed to specifically
operate with Pentair Water Pool and Spa control systems. Operating the pump with other manufacturers�
controllers may cause software failure of the pump, drive or other system components. Such failure can
result in severe personal injury (i.e., failure of the SVRS system, electrical shock) or death. If installed
properly, an IntelliComm� controller may be used to integrate other manufacturer�s controllers."

What is illegal about this.

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There is absolutely nothing illegal about it! You indicated in your last answer, if something does go wrong your warranty would be void. I�m just simply stating this is not the case. No place in your recent write up does it indicate the warranty will be void. So what�s your point?

Mixing brands is practiced in all industries, not just the pool industry. It needs to be to keep monopolies from occurring (Go Microsoft & Apple!) In some cases the 3rd party device is actually a better model not only from a functionality standpoint, but certainly a convenience and pricing standpoint. The instruction manual statement you refer to is a no brainier, basically a business CYA statement.

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All this is totally off topic.
The OP is talking about a Pentair VS3050. This is a Variable speed pump with a specialty drive, and requires a special control system. You cant just mix anything with it, it wont work directly. They do have an interface so you can use another control system, but that would end up costing quite a bit more, and according to the OP, he wants to save money.

If another company makes something that will control it and some damage happens to the drive, do you really think they will warranty it. Especially this day and age when companies are tightening their belts.

Try changing the chip in your car and see how long your warranty lasts.

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You are correct, the Warranty is totally OFF TOPIC, but you continue to bring it up! I�m just simply stating facts and making sure the OP understands the misconceptions and propaganda so they can make an INFORMED decision.

The control doesn�t drive the variable speed pump, it simply communicates with the drive that controls the pump. If the drive doesn�t understand the communication protocol, is simply does nothing. How in the world can a control destroy a drive when the drive has the ultimate control over the pump?

When a pump, for whatever reason, breaks in the field, do you bring the entire control system in with the pump for the warranty? NO. You bring the pump in for the warranty.

Your analogy used with a car chip is equivalent to changing the drive out on the pump. It doesn�t make sense nor does it fit this question. A more accurate analogy would be a diagnostic controller connected to the chip on your car and communicating with it. If the diagnostic controller doesn�t know how to communicate with the chip, the chip simply does nothing.

Again, to answer your WARRANTY question, if another company makes something that will control it and some damage happens to the drive, do you really think they will warranty it. The answer is YES! Because they don�t state otherwise, again, they can�t, it�s illegal.

Both Jandy and Intermatics controllers talk directly to the VS pump, right wrong or indifferent. The pump manufacturer should embrace and accept this and sell their control choice on features, benefits, and price instead of propaganda.

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