Thinking about a new machine.

nanajayneMay 28, 2014

I am thinking about buying a new sewing machine as I am not happy with the Baby Lock that I have.
Have always loved Janome's but have found a Pfaff that appears to fit the bill but have had no experience with them.
I am wondering what you ladies have to say about:#1. Pfaff-Performance 5.0 and #2. Janome-Horizon-Memory Craft 8900QCP. These are the two that have the features that I am interested in. Have any of you knowledge of them and how they preform?

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I have the Janome Horizon 7700 and absolutely love it! The 8900 has all the bells and whistles that mine has plus more so I am sure it is great also. I have had mine for 2 years or so and wouldn't trade it for the world.


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Disclosure: I am a Pfaff - lover -- right now I own 4 & use them all--including the Performance 5.0. Last fall, I traded in my QE 2048 for the Performance 5.0 & the Passport 2.0 (that was the deal). I like the Passport alot.

The Passport is a travel machine ( I took to Retreat) and the Performance 5.0 is the stay at home machine.
The Performance 5.0- I love.
It sews so straight and accurate w/ a very light touch. First of all, it has the IDT -- built in 'walking foot', it feeds the top and bottom layers evenly --- I have been sewing with this feature for 40+ years ( on the 1222E I bought in 1970-still own and use). Some of the new features I like on the Performance 5.0-
You can sew with either the knee control, foot control or push button -- and go from one to the other without any adjustments - within the same line of stitching if you want!
I love the hovering foot for adding the next piece when chain piecing-or you can raise the foot higher. Of course it has needle up / down -- and tie off functions, and automatic thread cutter.
It has so many fancy stitching capabilities - I haven't use, except to play.
The menu is easy to read and easy to understand & work.
There are many different feet for different tasks - and they are affordable.
It has a very wide stitch capability and a very large harp sewing area - great for quilting.

The only thing I did not like was the curved extension table, which was extra. I think it would be great for garment sewing, but for quilting & piecing, my small pieces and strips kept slipping off the curve. I just bought a large adjustable plexi flat table from SewMates ( recommended by Bonnie Hunter) and it should fit all my machines. I received it this week.
I am linking a wonderful YouTube on the Performance 5.0. It helped me make my decision.
I think you would love the machine--but I like Pfaff Machines.
This is my first modern drop in bobbin, and I'm still trying to get used to that feature.
I sew almost all my bindings completely by machine, and this machine handles the bulk and sews like the needle is gliding thru butter - straight, even and precise.

Do you have a specific question? I will try to answer any questions. I haven't had the machine that long, and I haven't sewn on it as much as I wanted to, but I have had Pfaffs almost all my life ~lol~so I am very familiar with the brand and it's changes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pfaff Performance 5.0

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Marsh, you have given me what I was looking for. I am interested in the Pfaff as my Janome dealer, whom I am very fond of, appears to be slowing down to almost a stop, which makes me uneasy. Beside he is over 35 miles away which makes it somewhat of a problem.
My big issue is being able to sew over bulky areas and still have a decent seam and not a break a needle.
I am glad it has drop in bobbin as I didn't notice when I looked at the machine. Also I am assuming it is able to thread the needle and wind a bobbin as most machines do now.
I do want an extension table as I am used to having one. I have a lg. plex one that I use with my Janome 9000 but not sure it would fix the Pfaff. The Baby Lock has it's own.
I intend on getting rid of the Baby Lock while it still has some value or I may give it away. It is only a few years old but I am just not pleased with the way it sews.
Thank you all for the input.

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The automatic needle threader is the same as it was 40 years ago - not as automatic or electronic as some are today, but I've never known any different. The bobbins wind on top of the machine - winds a nice tight bobbin - important for good bobbin tension. There are colored bobbins for different types of threads - I only have the clear ones, but I am going to buy some colors!
You can also adjust the pressure on the pressure foot.
Make sure you get the single needle hole plate.
It will sew thru multiple layers easily over flat felled jeans seams - use the right needle size of course.
If you get the Performance 5.0 - you can help me learn the fancy stitches!!
My dealer is great - she let me exchange my bobbins and feet from the QE 2048 for the newer Performance 5.0 feet and bobbins - the 5.0 is capable of a wider stitch, so some feet needed to be upgraded to the newer size. A good dealer is important. Pfaff is always running special deals, so ask what the dealer is offering. Your dealer may even take the Baby lock in as a trade in. Doesn't hurt to ask.
I am anxious to see what you decide to buy! I will sew with the new extension table in the next few days - I have it adjusted to fit the machine, so I am assuming it will be fine. I'll report back if you want me to.

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The video is great. Just what I needed to convince me it is the machine I will get. It will require a learning curve I am sure but I do like the stitching.
As I use cones often that may be an issue but I will work it out. Thank you again for the input.

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Nanajayne, I just wanted to wish you luck in your search.... I've never sewn on a Pfaff so can't help (but Marsha already gave you what you wanted lol), but that IDT sure is alluring! Just wanted to share in the excitement of the possibility of a new machine :) It is more fun to get a new machine than a new car! Do you have a separate thread stand for the cones? I bought one just to use for embroidery, but then realized it would also allow me to use cones in the one machine that only has a horizontal spool pin... very handy! That video makes the machine seem amazing, which I'm sure it is...

Marsha, please do let us know what you think of the Sew Mate table! I just learned about them yesterday when I searched for a universal extension table... fabric keeps getting snagged on the corner of the one that came with my machine and the idea of being able to use it with multiple brands/machines is great, so I'd love to see what you think when you put it through the paces.

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Well, I did it. After watching the video I was convinced it would be a good machine. Have it unpacked, I am reading the manual and haven't turned it on yet. There is a learning curve to master but I am excited about the new toy.
I did buy an extension table but not the one that comes with the machine but a plex one that fits the machine. Couldn't be without a table to work on. I do have a thread stand that I use with my Janome because I use cones most of the time and plan on using it with the new machine.
The Baby Lock is waiting to be claimed by my daughter who will use it as a back up machine.

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Congratulations!!! Not many things more exciting than a new sewing machine.

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Woohoo! Have fun with your new toy!

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This year has been a challenge so far so I feel I deserve a treat. Feel sort of foolish buying a new machine at 81 but maybe I will live to be a 100 and really get some use out of it. lol.

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No reason to feel foolish... just enjoy your machine! You made a good choice and I really hope you have fun with it and it serves you well!

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Jayne: I bought my new Pfaff last year at 80. And I certainly did not even think " foolish".

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Jayne, if you want it and can afford it, there's no reason to feel foolish!

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Congrats Jayne! I hope you love it!! Isn't she the sleekest, prettiest machine ever???

Foolish?? You are inspiring! I told my DH you were considering buying a new fancy machine like mine - and you were his Mother's age - and he said "Wow! I hope you told her to get it!"
I hope I want to buy a new machine at your stage in life!
I actually felt a little foolish buying mine, since I have too many machines!

When I use the large spools or cones on a thread stand, I found I needed an extra hole - eye to pass the thread thru to put just a tiny bit of tension on the thread. I clipped a Red Clover binding clip on the flip up lid & run the thread thru the hole -- it puts the thread path at the same level as the vertical spool pin.

I can't wait for you to learn & share with me! I never went in to the dealer for my free lessons - life thru me a few curve-balls since I bought my machine. I can't wait to see your quilting! There is a learning curve, but you will master it in no time since you are coming from a more advanced machine than I was.

Theresa - I remember you shopping for yours! Do you still love yours?

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Jayne, I think it's wonderful that you have bought a new machine. The thought that at 81 you are willing to learn new technologies means you are young at heart as well as in your head. Have a wonderful time with it. Lois

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Fantastic! Hope you have a wonderful time learning all the new features. I love my old Pfaff.

I hear we're supposed to continue to learn new things to keep our brains sharp, so you're right on track!


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The Pfaff is great. Love the wider harp. Had a couple of glitches but they have been sorted out. And now that I have figured out the presser foot pressure, finishing quilts is so easy. Have fun Jayne. Us old girls deserve good tools.

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Congratulations on your new machine! Calendar age is not a factor when you are young quilter at heart....enjoy!

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Thank you all for the encouragement. I haven't played with it much as yet because I have to get the room in better order for the summer and have some things to do with the Serger but have gone through the basic. I think I have them figured out. Need to study the folder part a bit more etc.. Thank you for any tips as they will be helpful. I do find it a bit noise compared to the others. Not sure why.

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I jotted down tips and "discoveries", settings, etc as I was getting use to the machine -- I need to get them written legibly --Not on post it notes (I need to be more organized.) I am (hopefully) going to sew on a binding today & I know I have the settings I like written down, but couldn't find yesterday.

I think I noticed it being a little nosier as well, but don't even notice it now. I know I had to turn off those beeps that were driving me crazy each time the pressure foot was raised. I also disable the automatic slight raise of the pressure foot when piecing or sewing long pieces. It is great for chain piecing smaller pieces, but for long continuous sewing I want the needle & pressure foot down when I pause.

Pfaff has an accessories catalog online now -- fun to look at and see how all the feet work.

Also make sure your software is the most recent. I had to update mine right after I got it.

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Thank you for the tips. I would like to store stitch settings in the folder but haven't figured out how to retrieve them yet. lol I plan on getting the foot that she demonstrated to do bindings and stitch in the ditch. Will be interested in hearing about your experience.

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Have fun getting familiar with your new machine!

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