question about Jandy LXI heater

joanneswimsctOctober 26, 2010

Hi all!

I just moved my equipment outside of my pool enclosure due to the fact that I couldn't find anyone to vent the heater to the outside. Since the heater had been inside up until Sun I never paid any attention to the fact that it vents from the top. Now that it's outside I'm wondering; right now there is no vent shield protecting the heater from the elements. Rain/snow can run right into the area that the exhaust comes from. Is there supposed to be a shield much like house chimneys have? Hope this makes sense...

While I have your attention, we also have a Stingl SR500 timer. Darn thing is so sensitive to pressure that if we look at it cross eyed it won't run. The tubing leading from the pump to the timer is now a smidge over the max of 8'. It won't run at all now unless we manually hit the maintenance button every half hour. Ugh. We have 2 deep suction lines and 2 skimmers. If we shut off the deep suction permanently, can we remove the Stingl and just use a different timer that is not so pressure sensitive? Keeping in mind the Virginia Baker Act; not worried about entrapment w/ skimmers but would be worried w/ the deep suction. W/o deep suction we shouldn't have cause for concern if we use a regular timer, right? HELP!!

Thanks as always for your advice!


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Rack Etear

on quesion #2 how many main drains are in the pool, and how far apart are they?

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Hey racket!
We don't have a main drain. Our pool is a 20X38 vinyl if that makes a difference. The 2 deep suctions are located across from each other about 3' down the wall in the deep end. Our electrician is willing to swap out the Stingl for a basic timer but only if we cap off the deep suction. I turned off the deep suction yesterday and removed the protective entrapment caps. I replaced them w/ the winterizing caps. When we shut down for the winter we will remember to blow those lines out then keep them closed from here on out.
Still wondering about protecting our heater from the elements; seems weird having the vent plate on top of the heater w/o anything to keep rain/snow out...?

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I'm in Michigan. Have a Pentair Mini-max heater that has never been covered for 7 years and is exposed to all the elements, never had a problem with it.
Doesn't really answer your question, just my experience.


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The heater will be fine outside. While they make covers, I have found this just makes an environment that is conducive to sheltering wildlife such as mice. Mice chew things like wires and make nests where they aren't welcome.

I see 3 potential solutions to the SVRS issue.

1) Move it closer.
2) Reduce the tubing diameter from the pump to the switch. Less air in the tube will should result in a greater available length.
3) Put a Vacless on the pump. Works but doesn't shut the pump off or have an alarm.


Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a pic of a Vacless. Browser may resize small! Sorry.)

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Hi Scott and Jeff
I looked at the Jandy brochure online and never once did I see any sort of cover so I guess I'll stop worrying about that! As far as the Stingl; we can't move the box any closer to the pump but we were thinking about the tubing as did you. Right now we have the original tubing plus a narrower tube set in to allow the tube to reach from the box to the pump. Thinking of replacing the entire tubing w/ a single diameter vs the two that are telescoped together. What does the vacless do? Guess I'll google it...

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Rack Etear

If you have two main drains 3-6' apart, you are complaint with the federal regulations.


I cannot recommend this, but if it were my pool, I'd just yank the stingl out. It's not like the SVRS police will stop by and write you a ticket. Again, I cannot recommend this.
(/end cough).

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The Vacless is an SVRS that threads directly into the suction side pump plug opening.

One issue I have heard of is when vacuuming, it can get triggered. A nuisance but it's settable so it can be eliminated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vacless video demonstration.

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Thanks guys! Since I effectively removed the threat of entrapment by capping off the 2 deep suction pipes and now only have 2 skimmers, I feel safe just using a regular old fashioned timer. Will have a plumber come out Mon to remove the Stingl and replace w/ a different and less sensitive timer. The guy from our local pool store, who also installs pools, said they never use main drains, deep suction or the Stingl (vinyl pools only) as they found the Stingl to be such a "P.I.T.A."! Hoping it all goes well come Monday!!

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