Crazy Cats Checkerboard for Charity

pirate_girlMay 23, 2012

Hi Gang,

Lately I've been doing lots & lots of charity quilts for my Quilt Guild (Empire Quilters in NYC, comprised of members from the tri-state area: NY, NJ & CT).

The fabrics were donated to the charity effort so we could just choose things to work from.

These wildly stylized cats kept calling me:

Wish I'd taken more close up shots, but the red blocks have small black paw prints. I had fun w/ this & recently learned one of my elder Guild Members had it to work on. We're trying to make some of these larger sized quilts, so she asked me if she could improvise & add some borders from the yardage I'd provided for the back (another stylized cat print w/ just cat heads on yellow background).

So this is yielding an unintended collaboration, I thanked her for asking me & suggested she feel free to add to &/or finish it however she wished. So nice that she asked me. I can't wait to see the final quilt, will try to take pix & post here as well.

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I love the cat's, too, I can understand why you had to use it. It was nice of her to ask before just adding borders. Members working together is a good thing.


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Cute! Some child will really love it.


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Very cute! Fun project.

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Uhm.............some adult would love it too. LOL. I have a Kliban cats sheet set.

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Very cute!! They definitely make you smile.

Calliope, I had forgotten about Kliban. I had a pillow case that I used for years with him on it. Loved those red shoes :-)


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"Love them little mousies. Mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off. Nibble on they tiny feet." Kliban cat quote.

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I love Kliban cats too!

Nice quilt and nice collaboration! It's all good.

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