New Wildlife Rag

kienduMay 16, 2013

Went together quick... as Rags do... made my own chenille with Osnaburg (6 cream diagonally chenilled blocks).. and Real Tree Pillow panels make it a wildlife quilt. This was part of DD birthday gift... and now have orders for 4 more like this once she posted it on Facebook! I have an entire bolt of the RealTree blocks, so I'm ready to whip up some more!

Was a fun project!!

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That is great. I am impressed with your use of your fabric, different sized blocks and the chenille blocks!! Very nice. TFS.

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Lookin' good. Feels great to be validated when you've done something you like.

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I like your quilt. I made a rag quilt last December, but I like yours better. The use of the panels and the different sized blocks make it particularly interesting. Also, your rag seams look very fluffy. Did you use 1/2 inch seams or larger?

Thanks for sharing,

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Very cool! It looks warm and comfy.


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I use 1 inch seams... I always "roll" that outside edge instead of snipping it as it seems that's the first place they rip out or start to look nasty. Gives it a nice firm edging for pulling and tugging.

Just for FYI.. I always use a batting. I know many use just the two layers of flannel.. but... it doesn't "feel" the same, or have the nice cozy weighted feeling without it. I use warm and natural, so it doesn't have alot of loft. I figure if I'm going to spend the money on all the fabrics and do all the work... putting in a batting adds character with very little work... just cut the blocks.

Thanks for the nice comments! I know these type of quilts are pretty simple compared to the beautiful quilts so many of you do with all the complicated cutting and pressing that I so admire... I just don't have the patience, I need to be DONE in a couple of days, or it goes on a shelf and becomes a permanent UFO. These are easy, fun, cuddly and QUICK!

Call me weird but I love the snipping part, it's almost therapeutic for me... sit in my rocker with the quilt covering my lap, sipping some wine, and watching a movie....with the little snip snip snip of my scissors... I could sit there all day long!

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I like your rag quilt! Where did you find the turkey fabric?

Best to you,

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I like it. Looks cozy & comfy.
Good idea on the rolled edge.

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Sandra (quiltingfox) That is actually a set of pillow panels with the realtree logo. Comes with the 4 pics seen here... including the turkey block. Manufacturer is Print Concepts. The bear shown here is actually brown... but we don't have brown bears in WI... it's black Bear country. So, I used a black fabric marker to make my bear black instead of the brown.

I bought a bolt of this thru Checker Distributers, but you have to have a resale/tax licence and set up a wholesale account to be able to order from them. I'm sure you could find it on ebay or something though... or.... If you want a set of the four, message me... I have plenty.

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That's really cute. I like the different size blocks and the rolled edge. Good job. I can see why you have orders for more.

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Your choice of fabrics for this rag quilt really works...nice job!

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