Kraus SS farmhouse sink - pictures from front?

seosmpApril 5, 2013


I am leaning towards the Kraus KHF200-33-KPF stainless steel farmhouse sink.

I would like to see how it looks installed directly from the front (straight on). The few pictures I've found are all at an angle. I would like to see how bowed it looks straight on.

Does anyone have this sink and could post a picture from the front?

Any suggestions for a similar sink (rear drain and deep) which is not bowed? I'm having a hard time finding one.


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I don't myself have a photo, but I am linking the Kraus website's page for this sink. It has 10 photos, and it looks to me that pic #10/10 is the sink almost straight on. Hope that helps.

Also I know eBay has stainless apron front sinks for sale that are 16-gauge, and "flat front". I'll link one, cause this seller has 100% positive feedback, but there are more flat-front apron sinks on eBay:

SS apron front sink with flat front on eBay

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraus Website Sink KHF200-33-KPF s

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Thanks for the information! I didn't think to look on ebay!

May I ask --- my memory may be bad, but were you putting in a counter-height window? I remember someone with "chicago" in their user name was putting one in.


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I have a bunch. Hope this helps!

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Sorry, this is from an angle, but you'll notice the 'bow' is pretty subtle. We almost bought the flat-front Kraus sink, but liked the added interest of the curve. (forgive the mess in my photo)

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Do you ever worry about scratching them, say you lean over and your belt or jeans button scratches? Everytime I see one of these SS farmhouse sinks I envision scratches, but maybe that's just in my head. I do think they are nice looking though.

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THANK YOU!!! Both pictures help a lot! They look great!

I'm happy to see the bow looks pretty subtle.

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After scratching it a bunch, you could relatively easily restore the brushed look with some sandpaper.

I restore old motorcycles and have had bare steel gas tanks etc. in the past. Gets a little rusty, just take the old sandpaper to it. Brushed metal is pretty simple to keep up, if you're brave enough to do it.

But you're right - it will get scratched. We have a few scratches on the front surface of our Bluestar range now. Life happens.

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