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peegeeApril 13, 2014

Not talking high end homes at all....interested last week in a home outside the general area I am considering but in my price range - open house last weekend, with no address! Called the realtor an hour before but no answer. I figured out about where the house was, but was so irritated I didn't bother to go. I like to check out details ahead of time to determine if I am really interested so as not to waste my time....Am seeing more and more of these lately, both regular listings and for the open houses with no address, and I have to say, it's a real turn off. I might be understanding if I were looking at very pricey homes. What is the point?

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You got me- that is strange. I thought the whole point of an open house was to be able to casually drop by to take a peek at it without having to deal with an agent or make an appointment. I'd tend to think it was a mistake ( a big one) but you say it's becoming a common occurrence around where you live?

Have you tried calling any to see what their explanation is - I wonder if they're doing some sort of screening because heaven forbid someone should drive by or stop and gawk at their house without being pre qualified.

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Some foreclosures and, more often pre-foreclosures, are listed without an address. There may be renters in the house, the owners may be angry and hostile to inquiries about the house from people walking up to the door, etc. Special notes about dangerous animals on the property may also be shown under the listing, but only be available for realtors to see. It could have a lot to do with liability and the safety of buying public. There may be other, possibly legal reasons, I am not familiar with. Sometimes I am able to determine which house is involved by comparing the square footage, construction year, etc. that is usually provided on Zillow and similar sites, to the houses on the street where the icon is located on the map.

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Maybe incompetent listing agents?

Our local MLS (direct online access) doesn't have addresses listed. So I use realtor.com to look at them. I suppose it's intended to get people to call the listing agent so they can hook them in, but it seems like just increased hassle to me.

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Weedy, I'd be very surprised if what you are referring to is the MLS, unless you are receiving the listings directly from an agent. If this is not the case, then you are using some third party data aggregator. Why there would be no address is beyond me. Why would a buyer investigate any further if they have no idea of the location? And, how is it being pulled from the data when a buyer does a search?
OP, what sites are you using? Zillow and Trulia are filled with bad data, incomplete listings and homes showing Active that have been sold for weeks or longer.

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NC; Realtor.com, usually. Just checked todays new listings across the towns I'm following: 3 out of 5 new listings; no address. 3 out of 10 no address; 2 of 15; 1/1; 2/6; 0/4.

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NC: it's not the MLS in the same view the agents would see it, but it's the "official" local portal into the MLS. It's got the Board of Realtors name at the top and everything.

I'm sure the MLS proper has addresses. But their portal doesn't. Annoying.

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That's pretty much useless then, isn't it?

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The only reason I can see is that you have to call the Realtor for the address and then she has another potential customer. I have sold many houses in my life and whenever a Realtor suggested an ad without an address, I said absolutely not.

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