That was some book sale!!

bee0hioMay 11, 2012

It was posted here last month that C&T Publishing was having a big book sale. So I found 2 books @ bargain prices: $2 and $3. One was on "folded fabric flowers" & the other on "mindful meandering". With $4 shipping I considered this quite the bargain @ a total of $9.

The books finally arrived today via the US Postal Service. Guess how much postage they paid to send them to me..... $10.40!! The invoice says "Balance Due = $0". I guess they realllly wanted me to have those books! LOL

Thank you C&T Publishing .... and thank you Marsha for alerting us to the sale!

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You are welcome! I love books....last year I bought alot of books from them - toolgranny posted that sale. She said they have this sale every year. My books were all brand new, beautiful and also at bargain prices.
Glad you were able to buy the books and you are happy.

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I love their sales, and the service is really quick, too.


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I live near them and they post on their blog when it will be. I used to go over - it's like a big flea market - and then realized I already have more books than the library so don't go much anymore. But, they also have piles of fabric and patterns that are leftover from book projects and I've gotten some real bargains there. They now post online so all you can buy the books as well and that's great.

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