Alternatives to Aluminum/wood fencing?

PoolMD123October 1, 2012

We have a wood fence surrounding the property. We wanted an aluminum fence to surround the pool for safety from the kids getting in the pool area but our HOA says aluminum fencing is not allowed. We don't want another wood fence bc it will look silly. We don't want to pay for wrought iron which I am guessing is double the aluminum cost. Any advise or pictures? Thanks!

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How would the HOA know if it was alu fence or even if you installed it around the pool if you have a wood fence around the property ?

My HOA has a rule about no alu fences also, but that is just for the property perimeter, as in if you didnt have wood, you cannot have alu.

I would imagine they do no have any say what goes around the pool in the way of a safety fence.

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Yes, I am going to ask them if it is only for perimeter fences. Seems crazy that a fence you can't see from the street wouldn't be allowed simple for the material. A wrought iron would look exactly the same. They aren't budging so far.

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For insurance purposes you have to have a 48" tall non climb able from the outside fence around your your property or pool. If you already have that then the fence you put around your pool would be just for you anyway. There are quite a few choices on the web. Good luck with your HOA.

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I have a wood fence surrounding my property and a white pvc fence around my pool. We don't live in an HOA however.

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