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palimpsestApril 20, 2013

Photos courtesy of Trend/Prudential Fox Roach

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Imagine being a houseguest who has to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night...lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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Sort of looks like like the Country Bears Jamboree. I'm looking for Big Al to start talking.

Actually, we don't have any information except these pictures. In context, this could work if it is a country retreat or someone's hunting lodge. If this is a run of the mill house in an urban neighborhood, then it needs to be put away.

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This is someone's house in a semi-surburban area--commuting distance to Philadelphia.

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Someone needs to go and dig up this guy's basement or back yard. ----spooky music playing-----

It would be overkill even for a hunting camp. And, it would have been displayed better.

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We looked at this house. It wasn't as bad at the ones above, but could be a giant turn off for some. The lower left corner is a full turkey mount, next to a giant gun safe.

There were some other items as well that made us pass, like a full-sized outdoor hot tub upstairs in the master bath...

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Wow .... unless this was a taxidermist holding things for client pickup, that's way too many dead critters for one house.

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Love the track lighting aimed at "dead" (har har) space along the top of the wall.

Not only does he have too many dead critters, but there are three ugly living/family rooms in one house.

I say "he" because I gotta believe a woman wouldn't choose that decor.

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I think there's so many trophies it ceases to be interesting and becomes clutter. Is every hunting trip really worth a trophy? It's almost like the people who need to buy a trinket at every rest stop.

Also, I never thought about it before, but I think of deer primarily as a meat animal. Isn't it funny we stuff their heads, but not the heads of cows? Sorry, it's been a long day!

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Then there's Sigurdur Hjartarson and his stuffed elephant penis, one of 261 phalluses from 90 species. And yes, he has four human donors lined up when they die. Lovely.

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Oh dear . . . I'm speechless.

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