How to replacing pool light to Intellibrite.

disneyjoe7October 17, 2010

What do you need to do to replace one light fixture out to another light fixture? Can you do this with water in pool?

Confused in Orlando.

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Yes, you can do it with water in the pool.

Then find the deck box. Turn off the power to the light. Remove the lid. Double check power is not present with a multimeter. Disconnect the leads.

The center tube leads to the niche. Tie a snake to the leads.

Unthread the retaining screw near the top of the fixture. Most have a washer on the back that keeps the screw from being lost. The fixture top will tip in a bit towards the pool. Tip it a little more and the fixture will float up, unless it's a Jazz fixture which sinks, unwinding some wrapped cord that should be long enough to allow the fixture to reach the edge of the deck. Pull the cord from inside the pool so the snake is fed through the conduit. Having a second person to guide the snake helps.

Tie the replacement cord to the snake and feed it to the hole in the niche and pull it through. Leave enough cord so the fixture can sit on the deck. Wrap it, set the tab on the bottom and attach the screw.

Wire it up!


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Thanks for the tips, I maybe wrong but have they PB built pools different over the years? I seen where some state theres some kind of sealer where wire enters pool, where I feel not and pipe runs to junction box by pool deck.

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IMO, only, I suggest calling a pool professional to handle this for you.

quote" I seen where some state theres some kind of sealer where wire enters pool "quote.
In my area, SE Texas, we only use potting compound in incorporated cities and townships that require it. Otherwise we don't use it installing pool lamps.
If you found the JB remove the cover for it, pull the lamp out and place it on your deck, then have someone grab the cable and give it a slight tug while somebody else looks inside the JB to see which lamp tail moves. Most of my pools have multiple lamp tails into the JB.
Then follow Scott's instructions on using a pull wire to fish the old lamp tail out and the new one in. I usually use a 12awg THHN/THWN wire for my pull wire. It's small, has good strength and glides easier through the conduit than most other types of fishtapes or snakes like Scott was describing to you.

See ya,

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As in seen I was referring to a youtube video on the subject. I can handle electrical ok, been doing so many years. The pull wire I like as I can pull while removing lamp, my personal preferred method.

Now on to the really reason for this thread, I assume theres not a 100% way on keeping end of wire dry... Is there an issue long term with salt water and the end? Or is it ok as its cut off to length?

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quote" Is there an issue long term with salt water and the end? Or is it ok as its cut off to length? "quote

No, the water will only wick a few inches up the cotton filler thread and maybe a quarter inch up the exposed stranded copper. your going to be cutting off many feet of excess tail once you've pulled the homerun.

See ya,

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Thanks Kelly & Scott, I can't wait to get these lights to replace both the pool and spa. Should be here Friday or Monday.

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If you do not have automation you may want to consider putting in the pentair intellibrite light controller. Believe me it beats having to switch on and off to get the desired light shows. See the below link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pentair intellibrite light controller

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Well one down, one to go. When I ordered it I think I don't have the correct light cable length. I ordered a 30' spa light and a 50' pool light. After I thought about the electric pipe I think the 50' pool light would be short 12'. So yesterday I got the 50' pool and the 30' spa light, I have a RMA to return the 50' and brought a 100' light. Tonight installed the spa light with a snake the length was 27' wow that was close.

So I have a old pool light and a new spa light, the spa light is cool and I can't wait to get the pool light installed.

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Got it all together and working, pulling cable in conduit is well lets say fun. The pool light 65' of cable I needed to find a helper. I set the light to narrow mode as it was place in the high end looking to low end some 34' away. All in all impressed with it and liking several modes of lighting. I was a little nervous being I have a midnight diamond bright finished pool and was concern a led pool light wouldn't work well. I got to add the Red lighting is weak but others are just fine. I'm very please and like to thank Kelly and Scott again for their help.

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