Looking to fit a sink into a 30 in. cabinet

boops2012April 16, 2013

Looking at sink, the sizes go from 25 straight to 30 in. The specs say I need a 33 in cabinet.in order to have a 30 in sink. I'm looking for one that is slightly smaller than the 30 in cabinet I have. Is there such a thing? At this point, I'm willing to go top mount, under mount whatever it takes.

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Blanco super single fits in a 30" base and its about 27.5". There were only 2 sinks I found that were larger than 24" but would fit in the 30" base. Blanco was about $250. I got the idea from willtv when he posted his finished kitchen.

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How wide are your cabinet sides? In theory, with an over mount sink you should be able to fit one with the outter bowl width equal to a tad less than30-(2xside wall width). The overall sink width might be 30 or more, but the measurement at the outside of the bowls needs to fit inside between the walls.

Now, the practicality of this might be different depending on your cabinets, but you could ask about it if you found a sink you like.

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You can fit a larger topmount sink into a cabinet than you can an undermount sink. The important measurement is the actual bowl itself. With an undermount, you need room for the flange and the clips inside the sink base from underneath. (You don't want to get into scooping the sides unless you add some reinforcement back and are 100% certain you'll never damage your sink and need to replace it.) With a heavy topmount sink like one of the silgranites, although clips are provided, you really don't need to use them because of it's weight. Just a bit of silicone will set the sink and keep it in place. And the only thing that needs to go inside the cabinet is the actual bowl.

So, measure the bowl (from outside to outside) of any sinks under consideration. And measure the inside of your cabinet. Depending on your line, and the material used for the sides, you can have 29 1/4" to 28 1/2" of interior space.

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Here's a shot of our Blanco Super Single undermount sink.

The interior measurements are;
Left to right 26".
Front to back 16".
It was as big a sink I could find to fit in a 30" cabinet.

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not sure if it is a look you like, but you can definitely do an apron sink. a 30" apron sink can sit on top of a 30" base.

Here is a link that might be useful: kraus apron sink

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Thanks, OP, as this question is relevant for me.

Thanks,willtv, for the pic of your 27". Do you like the sink? Does it feel like enough, both in the sink and in the cabinet?

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Steph, I love the sink.
It's big enough to hold all but my largest, 24x18, cutting board laying flat on the bottom.
It's 9" deep, but when you include the thickness of the countertop, it's effective depth is about 10".
I purchased the grid which raises the bottom of the sink by about an inch so then we're back to about 9".
Compared to what we had, here's a shot,

it's darn near cavernous.

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