Spa replumb problems - please help

neednewpoolOctober 19, 2011

I replumbed my spa as part of a pool remodel. I have a Polaris QT 2HP 220V blower and an Intelliflo VS for the jets. If just the blower is on, there are tons of bubbles. If just the jet pump is on, there is plenty of water. If the blower and jets are both on, there are hardly any bubbles and it does not feel like a spa. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the spa is now not worth using.

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Are you sure you didn't tie the air to the water line and visa versa?


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I don't think so but how would I check? When i turn on the blower only, plenty of air comes out. To test the water volume and pressure from the jets, I temporarily dropped the water level to below the jets so i could see what is coming out of the jets (and the jet action) in addition to feeling the water from each jet and that looks and feels good. The overall project is about 95% complete and i have been having a very difficult time getting the pool contractor to finish. If possible, I would like to isolate what needs to be done because I no longer have any confidence in the PC. Thank you.

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Any pics available?

What was re plumbed or supposed to be re plumbed?

It sounds like the air line was connected to the water loop.


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