Options for wall of cabinets - need opinions

andreak100April 29, 2013

So, one side of the kitchen will have a wall of cabinetry. I'm trying to determine which layout of the cabinets will look best. We are doing custom cabinets, so our configuration is pretty open. I'm trying to determine what will look best. i've attached 3 different layouts.

A few notes: our cabinets will be vertical grain-matched slab cherry stained dark. We care looking to keep things with simplish, clean lines as much as possible.

The oven and MW probably need to stay where they are shown since there will be an island that will partially block straight through access. In one image,the island was "moved" and you can see it, but the location is definitely not correct - it will block movement for all but the location for the oven.

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Personally, I would choose the third one b/c I prefer to use the upper part of cabinets more. But if you prefer the lower part then 2nd would be better for you.

Did you try with different kinds of handles/all horizontal, etc.?

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For the pantry, I would choose the #2 configuration with 2 upper and 2 lower door sets, the lower set being equal to or taller than the upper. This configuration makes good use of the space and is easy to use. Be sure to have roll-outs in the lower half. Here is what ours looks like IRL.

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Oh yeah Suzanne, both bottom and top of the pantry will have roll outs. And yes, I have been cautioned against it by Cabinet Maker...but I'm short, and these are deep cabinets...so it's easier for the top cabinet stuff to roll out to me than me trying to reach toward the back of a high 24" cabinet.

As I think on this more, I'm leaning more and more toward cabinet #3 having the larger area as shown in pictures 1 & 3...tea pot will live in there and I'm imagining a 1/2 depth shelf in there having some of my tea, sugar, and a place for a few cups. The area where the tea maker will live will be on a roll out so it can be easily accessed.

Other things that will live in that area are probably a blender, and maybe my food processor (although that may go into another cabinet...not certain on that one just yet.)

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Aesthetically, I greatly prefer #1. But I would go with the option that bes suits your needs. You're getting a ton of storage either way, so this will be great!

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I think I would put drawers at the lower right as well, but plan in advance what you would put there, so you get the most efficient dimensions. Lots of the items that suzannesl has on her bottom roll-out would work well in a drawer. I see cereal boxes, cake mixes, sugar, flour, etc.

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plan 1 and per ann's suggestion:drawers in lower right.

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Well, I'm pretty sure that I've ruled #2 out. As I considered this more, having cabinet #3 in the photos have a larger middle area will work much better for it's intended purpose - my tea maker and the iced tea brewer are two main items to go in the area, so I will be able to keep a few cups over there (somewhat inconvenient unloading from the DW, but will make up for it that I don't need to head to the glasses/cup area.) as well as some of my teas.

I had already laid out the bottom of cabinet #4 with drawers to match cabinet #3, but I felt that it looked off because cabinet #3 is 36" and cabinet #4 is only 30"...it actually was more pleasing to my eye to have some differences at the bottom level. Also, I really don't have a shortage of drawers in this kitchen...as the layout stands right now, I have 15 regular drawers (4 - 21", 3 - 30", 2 - 33", 6 - 36"), plus the garbage rollout (technically a drawer when you think about it). We will also have drawers underneath the banquette seating...so, we have a plethora of drawers!

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