Do you have plans for the weekend? 5/21-5/22

lindaoh_gwMay 20, 2011

I won't have much time for quilting this weekend. Tomorrow I am working 2 shifts at the Buckeye Heritage Festival and my DS and DDIL are coming home for the weekend. They are going to the zoo with friends on Sat. but will be here tonight and Sunday.

Our small quilt group has a booth at the festival and we are doing demonstrations and selling raffle tickets for the Relay for Life quilt we made. We set up the booth last evening before our weekly meeting and it looks great!

Are you quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

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Linda, that sounds like fun! I hope your quilt raises a lot of money.

Today I made the first 2 blocks of Nancy Rink's Civil War BOM. She's up to block 5, so I'm hoping to catch up this weekend!

Tomorrow DH & I are going to a couple of remodeling showrooms to talk to folks about remodeling our master bath. I'm excited! He's been under the weather this week, so hopefully he still wants to go.


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I teach in the morning, then I will be coming home and combing through all my quilt patterns. My son just announced he is getting married, so I must find a great pattern for the wedding quilt.


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I tried to put a quilt together I am making for my grandson but then got out of the mood. Tomorrow I have to go to my other grandson's graduation and sure hope it quits raining. I will pick up the quilt again next week,maybe since my daughter is coming in tonite to go to this graduation I may get her to help me put the layers together and monday I can start sewing and quilting. This will be simple. For some reason my eye has been aching as if something is in it.

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Tomorrow is the neighborhood rummage sales, so if the rain would stop long enough for us to go out we will do that in the morning.
I'm in the middle of stitching in the ditch on a twin size quilt and I plan to work on that this weekend and make two sunflower blocks.


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My son's friend had a baby girl this past week, Aaralyn Emery. His mom was a great friend of mine who passed away at 36, leaving two boys, 14 and 6. Wow, that was 18 years ago.

Anyway, as a surrogate Grandmother, I'm making a baby quilt to send the new parents. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to make this quilt while she was pregnant.

I'll be sewing little bright squares together and hopefully will share some pictures before long.

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This is our long weekend here in Canada and since it has been raining for 2 weeks, we have not been able to get into the gardens. It was beautiful and sunny today and the forcast is good for the next few days. DH and I will spending most of our time outdoors. Gardens to be weeded, vegetable garden to be tilled if it is dry enough, storm windows to be taken off (I need windows open!), and other cleanup outdoors to be done.
Doesn't look like I will get much sewing done this weekend.


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Here in Wyoming it has been very rainy for the past 2 weeks also - I did get outside for a bit today though and discovered flower's are acually blooming LOL. I finished putting up the cedar walls in my dining room, kitchen, hall and laundry room during my captivity and they are beautiful! I tried posting pics to show my work off but it kept rejecting them :(

Quilting? Yes! I plan to clean my sewing room in the moring, go to a bridal shower tomorrow afternoon, graduations all day Sunday - 3 different schools! BUT I WILL get to put together a birthday block somewhere in all of the craziness this weekend :D


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Congratulations, Jackie! When is the wedding?

Wow - so many of you are having rain, rain, rain. We haven't had any worth noting in about 2 months! And none predicted any time soon. Central Florida is SOOO dry!


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On Thursday they reported on the news that we have had rain 38 of the last 48 days. It is so wet that we can't mow our yard. No rain yesterday and today the sun is shining!
Linda OH

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We have a sunny day today at last! I really need to work outside.....but, I am putting 4 quilts into our local Guild Quilt show, and I am trying to get the sleeves made and sewn on. I have one completed. Alot of extra work, and since these quilts will be given away, I have to remove the sleeves after. They are required to be 5" finished - I made one 4" finished before I found out they needed to be 5"- so I'm really at minus 1 completed. ~LOL

It is great to read Everyone is so busy with happy, fun events this weekend.

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Still no sewing for me. But, since my niece said her machine is just sitting in the basement, unused for years, she said I could take it back to my grandson's and leave it there for when I'm not playing with Jaycie. @:) Going back to Nick and Julie's in Indiana tomorrow afternoon and stay for another week. Want to get thier living room curtains shortened for them sometime this week.

There's a huge yard sale here in this well-to-do neighborhood....just wish I had someone to go around with me. Not a good thing for me to venture out on my own.

There's a ladies tea this afternoon at the church my family here in Battle Creek attends so I feel obligated to go, although I need to start repacking to leave tomorrow. Oh well, it will all work out. @:)


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Linda, it sounds like you will be really busy this weekend - you will be meeting yourself coming and going!

Congrats Jackie on the upcoming wedding - good luck picking out a pattern & fabrics.

Our big neighborhood garage sale is June 4 & we will be camping the 26th-June 1 so I will be trying to get things organized before & after.

Not too much sewing going on here - my mom & MIL are still here (since May 6) and they leave on Monday. I did finish FM quilting a graduation quilt & pillowcase. Mom sewed the binding for me - God bless her! We have church potluck tonight & 2 graduations and neighbors for dinner tomorrow. It's been raining here in CO all month - we were 6" behind in needed rain when the month started and we are ahead now ... seems like we will be in for a wet summer.

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