Please help me with my backsplash decision

rkb21April 25, 2013

I think I found the backsplash that I like, but I'd really, really love to hear from all of you what you think.

Counter: Colonial dream granite
Doors: pure white SW

The tile is called Meram Blanc from the Tile Shop. It's more white than gray in real life. I have pictures with the 2x4 tile, but I'm leaning towards the 3x6. I would use a matching pencil tile to trim the edges.

The other option is a white 3x6 subway tile.

I don't want the backsplash to really stand out. I want it to have some interest but not to be distracting. We have an open floor plan so the kitchen opens to the hearth room and the breakfast area. I want to keep it light and airy so no dark tiles.

If you have another option that you think would be right for the space, I'm open to suggestions!

So, I have a few questions:

What do you think of the backsplash? Will it go with the counters and cabinets?

Around the window: should I continue the backsplash as pictured below or consider doing a full wall around the window?

We have a small butler's pantry area that is set away from the kitchen that I was thinking of framing a listello [border piece] because I really like it, but don't want it anywhere else. The backsplash area is only 36x18in there. This is the listello I like but I would use the meram blanc tile to frame it not the one pictured.

Thanks for taking the time to help with my backsplash!

Here is a link that might be useful: More pictures of the kitchen

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I think it's too white for your creamy stone. Love Colonial Dream.

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I love your choices so far, but I agree with Snookums that it's a bit too white, do they have one that's got some of the beiges in your counters? It would be stunning to go all the way around the window with your backsplash; but if price is an issue, it looks good as pictured too.

I love the swirls in the Listello! Your kitchen's going to be beautiful, can't wait to see what you decide. Good Luck!

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snookums2: Thanks for the input...any suggestions on an alternate tile? I wanted to pull out the whitish specks in the stone to tie it into the cabinet color, but maybe it's not the right tile.

sanjuangirl: Thanks! I wasn't sure about a creamy colored backsplash with the white cabinets.

I'm open for suggestions of alternate tiles.
I really appreciate the help!

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Agree on the whiteness. Also, I don't see the marble playing nicely with the granite.

I think 2"x4" glazed tiles would give a similar scale to what you picked but blend better and have a bit of bling. Looks like the antique white gloss might be a choice.

If that's a photo of your window I would tile all the way up around the window to make it a focal point. I'd also probably tile up to the top of the cabinets because I think that arbitrary line is lame -- it needs to be lined up with some horizontal element that makes sense. Way too much going on and the cabinets aren't visually anchored either.

Here is a link that might be useful: Capriccio

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Choosing color is my weak point, but I agree that this is too white. I like the pictures other people have posted in which the backsplash is closely related to the granite.

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I really like this one but the cabinets aren't white like yours. It really picks out the creaminess of the stone. I also like the bevel with it for some reason. Adds some texture complementing the visual texture of the stone. Maybe I'm tired of flat spans of backsplashes. I've always preferred a liner tile or other details included.

It would be good to have some color contrast around that beautiful window. I like taking the tile up to the ceiling there and breaking the other at the cabinet. That end really doesn't make visual sense.

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Thanks for input!

Rococogurl: thanks for the link. I will look into it. I guess I'm having trouble because my cabinets are white and the granite has creamy tones. It has a lot of spots of white in it that I was hoping to bring out. At least it gives me something to think about.

Sanjuangirl: great pictures! My favorite was the last one!

Snookums2: I really like the beveled subway tiles as well. I am just not sure about a creamy backsplash against the white cabinets.

I'm heading to the tile places tomorrow to see what else I can find!

About the end run, we are adding a cabinet and an angled one to match the lower angled cabinet. Then, we won't have backsplash just hanging out at the end. It's sort of like the pic shown on the right below, but we are doing a closed cabinet instead of shelves.

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I see square tiles on the diagonal for your kitchen backsplash. White is okay-depends on the white-not the marble-y type however. Infinite ways to work white-levels of gloss/edges/shade of white/shade of grout-but the subway alignment does nothing for your beautiful space, to my eye.

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Holly- Kay

I agree that the white is just too stark with the creamy granite.

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herbflavor: I hadn't even thought of anything other than subway tile. I'll have to get some samples to see what that looks like.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

I went to the tile store today and didn't really see anything creamy that went with my white doors.

Here's a picture of one that has some tans in it but doesn't compete with the granite.

My granite has more light shades than my little sample is showing so I'd like to pull out the light colors, if I can.

What do you think?

Here's the slab:

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While looking through your kitchen photos again, I do see bright white in your granite when you're close, however when you pull back, the eye blends the colors into a warmer, creamier tone. That's why the bright white backsplash appears a bit harsh. I think the last one that I posted helps to bring the colors together. You can find them in other shapes and sizes.

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Instead of going with a white/cream BS--why not try to look for a light tan/gold that will blend with the tans/golds in your slab--it would blend nicely with the granite and make a nice contrast with the cabinets. Cream will look "dirty" next to your cabinets and white will look to stark with the granite. Is that a soft gray I see in your granite---gray could also pull it all together, be neutral, and contrast beautifully with white cabines.

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I agree with Joanie, but I would see if you could pick up the gold in the gorgeous granite.

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Joaniepoanie: I like your idea of pulling out the gray. The Meram blanc has a lot of gray streaks but very light. That's why I liked it. I need to check out some grayish tile this week.

Sixtyohno: thanks for the suggestion. I just can't seem to find the right least not yet!

I'm sure with some help from all of you experts, I'll have a backsplash before too long :). If anyone has a great idea for tile, I'm open for more suggestions!

They're coming to demo tomorrow....I'm excited but nervous!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grayish tile- Meram amalfi

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RKB21, I love your granite so much. I actually like the last photo you showed with the creamier subway tiles. I think a backsplash with a mixture of whites, creams and some gold may look nice also. I do not see the gray working.

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I went with Meram Blanc 3x6. Here's a photo if it helps you see the colors more.

Ps. I'll post more pics after the range is set back and the sealer is wiped away.

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