Neighbours Welcome Homebuyers with Guns to their heads

worthyApril 22, 2012

Moving into your new home?

Bring proof you own it with you or in some parts of the good ole USA your guntotin' new neighbours might pull down on you and have the local Barneys toss you in the hoosegow. (I'm reading something else between the lines here, but I'm sure that's fantasy.)

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That story is appalling. What an awful experience for a family moving into a neighborhood.

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Someone is going to make a lot of money from this.

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Is there a link to the story?


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Ellen, click the word "toss" in the original post.

Appalling story.

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Obviously guilty of HBWB (Home Buying While Black).

I used to take my new tenants around to the neighbors, or at least let them know that the place was rented, and a general description of the tenant.

But then, I'm the person who called 9-1-1 when I saw someone slithering through a neighbor's window ... her son spent about 6 hours in jail until he could contact his mom and get her to comedown and identify him. (doofus forgot his keys)

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