New pool proposal - what am I missing?

hockeydad817October 18, 2012

I've never had a pool before. We're about to sign with a PB. Looking for feedback on what I may be missing.

24x38 custom design gunite pool

Depth 3' - 8'

set of shallow end steps w/ 5' bench

deepend swimout

6" band of frostproof tile

1000 sq ft Exposed Aggregate decking

Upto 3 days of excavation

1 Load - 20 tons of 1.5" stone

Cantilever deck edge

4 hours backfilling & grading deck area

2 loads processed gravel sub-base

Pentair 4030 Cartridge filter

Whisperflo 1.5 hp pump

Polaris 3900 w/ booster pump & electrical

4 return inlets

dual anti-vortex main drain suction

2 skimmers

Goldline salt system & initial salt

Floor recirculation system - 3 heat mode

MasterTemp 400K BTU Natural Gas heater

Upto 75' of electrical wiring and connection from service panel

Upto 30' of plumbing between filter & skimmer

One underwater light

I'm already aware that fence & water for pool are not included.

What additional "hidden" costs are involved.

Thanks so much!!!

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Must be in Buffalo with that much rock. Looks like a pretty complete list. Any fencing or alarms required by the local agency? Repair of sprinklers or landscaping?
Is the gas line included?
Good luck.

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Unless the builder is giving you a longer than three year warranty, I am confused as to why the Goldline salt cell and not a Pentair Intellichlor.

A 1.5 HP pump is more than you need. I suggest dropping to a 1 HP or even a 3/4 HP.

Is 75' of electrical enough?

Is 30' from the skimmer and the 75' of electrical going to let you put the equipment pad where you want it?

You didn't mention the gas for the heater. Will it be natural gas or propane? How far is that from the meter if it's natural gas?

More details are needed about the pool light. What's described is very generic. The major manufacturers all give an extended warranty when a filter and pump and any other major devices are purchased at the same time, usually three years versus 1 year. Putting in a Pentair branded light just makes sense.

How thick is the gunite on the floor and walls?

How thick is the bond beam?

What size rebar is to be used? Normally, this expressed in eighths of an inch and quoted as #3 or #4 rebar. It's also good to know how many inches, on square, the rebar is laid out in.

The pattern used to reinforce the bond beam (the top foot or so of the shell) should be stated. The beam adds substantial and needed stiffness to the shell.

Have you decided what finish to use? Is it white plaster, colored plaster, Diamond Brite, a high aggregate like Pebble Tec, etc...


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What about a pool bottom cleaner? (Kreepy Krawly)
Are you sure one light is enough? Is it LED?
What type of skimmers? Some are really cheap.
What tile? We thought we would be happy with any tile and then went to an upgrade.
Any step tile markers?
Diving board.?
A fountain on swim out to reduce algae build up?
Plaster, Quartz, pebble?

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Oh, and an Easytouch remote system for pool equipment and light.

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Thanks everyone - this is great feedback. I'm meeting with PB tonight and will discuss all of these questions/options.

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