New Build/Quote - South of Dallas, TX

sfhc21October 4, 2011

Here's my quote:

Pool Measures 19'x33'

Pool Depths 3.5' x 4.5' x 4'

Pool Perimeter is 105 L.F.

Pool Area is 620 Sq Ft.

Pool Aesthetics

- Flagstone Coping

- 125 Stock Tile Choices

- Moss Rock Water Feature, Meauring 10' W x 3' D x 3.5' T, Tapering down with Moss Rock accent Boulders

- Tanning Ledge Entry topped with Flagstone w/ 4 Bubblers - measuring 12' x 8'

- One 6' Bench & One12' Bench per Plan

Pool Equipment

- 3.0 HP True Variable Speed Hi Efficiency (Pentair)

- Circulation Pump

- 420 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter

- Pentair Easy Touch Electronic Control Center

- Pentair Easy Touch Wireless Controller

- Pentair IC-40 Chlorine Generator (Salt System) w/ Sacrificial Anode

- Intelli PH Acid Feeder

- Pentair AFP-150 (GPM) Water Feature Pump

- Polaris Black Max Cleaner or Platinum Grey w/ 3/4 HP Booster Pump

- Rainbow 320 Automatic Chlorinator (For Winter Months)

- Compool Full 2" (Hi-Flo) Never Lube Valves

- 3 Pentair LED Color Changing Lights

- 2 Pentair Black Skimmers Plumbed Seperately (2" Plumbing)

- 10 Black Returns (1.5" Plumbing)

- 2 Main Drains (With Sumps) with Black VGB Covers Plumbed Seperately for Pool (2" Plumbing)

- 2 Main Drains (With Sumps) with Black VBG Covers Valved for Water Feature (2" Plumbing)

- 1 Black Polaris Wall Fitting (1.5" Plumbing)

- 1 Black Intercam Locking Pole

- 1 Black (Red Baron Brand) Leaf Net

- 1 Taylor Complete Test Kit

- 1 Black 18" Black Wall Brush

- 4 Black Return Fittings or 360 Degree Fittings for Tanning Ledge

All Pentair equipment has a full 3 year warranty with no deductible or outside service contractors.

Pool Decking

- 975 Sq Ft of Salt Finish or Hand Seeded Aggregate Decking with all necessary drainage (Add color to salt finish for $1 sq ft extra)

Pool Surface

- Gray Plaster

- Add $2700 for Pebble Tec

Pool Structure

- 13" x 13" Box Beam Construction with all 1/2" Steel (4 Bars, Continously)

- 3/8" Steel Through Out Belly of the Pool

- 8" Thick Walls, 10" Thick Floors & 12" Thick Coves

- Steel Pattern - 10" x 10" on all Flat Walls & Floors,10" x 5" on all Breaks & Curves in Pool, 5" x 5" when a horizontal & vertical curve meet

- 12" Thick Water Fall Pad (Lined with EPM to Prevent Leaks)

- Gunite Pool Shell

All Electrical Work related to Pool (Excluding adding a sub-panel)

All Excavation (Including Rock Charges) & Haul Off

All Start-Up & Instructions (Equipment Manuals Included) - Given by myself & all equipment professionally labeled.

Total Pool Project


And the renderings:

A few other notes:

- There are many more trees to the left of the of the pool when looking at the renderings.

- The fire pit is included in the quote.


1. Anything that jumps out to you that is wrong/worrisome/change/etc...?

2. Anything that I should include?

3. What can I do to reduce this project to under $40k? My immediate thought is to reduce the size of the tanning ledge.

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Wow! that is a great price! and what beautiful computer pictures. we are just starting to build our pool and might steal some of your landscaping ideas :) Keep posting. I love looking at everyone's pool projects!

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Beautiful plans! I live in Richardson and am just beginning to get pool bids. May I ask what company this bid is from? I might like to get one from them, too. From the one bid I've gotten so far and the little I know about pricing in our area, yours looks to be a good value. Best of luck!


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That is a fantastic quote. In Shreveport you only get about 500 sq ft of pool for that cost. If they have a good reputation ( good BBB score) I would stick with them. I'm gonna pay that much for a 520 sq ft pool with only one bench and on flat land. Almost identical plan, looking at your pics. I'm a little jealous. Good luck.

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Go with a Pentair Legend pool sweep. It's the same price and just as good as a Polaris. You will get the three year warranty on the sweep also. Polaris only has a one year warranty.

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did you follow through with that build?
what company?

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Great price for all of that! I would probably use the Pentair Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge 520 filter for that size pool and I would also go with the Pentair Legend PLATINUM pool cleaner to get the 3 yrs warranty on it as well. reducing the size of the tanning ledge won't get you much of a price break. I would be sure you get a good sealant designed for salt water pools for your flagstone to avoid erosion. All in all, you are getting a lot of pool for the price!

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