micyrey birthday blocks bf/cl

micyreyMay 26, 2010


I went a head and opened my blocks early becouse I have to have everything out of the house tomarrow,and would not have time.

I have receved blocks from:





jayne- yes I got the secreat santa goodies the post must have gotten lost, very sorry.






sorry I can't post a pick right now I packed the cord for my camera, but will try to do it once we get moved and unpacked.

if some are still to be sent, please ask Jeanne where to send it, she should also have my phone number if you rilly need to get a hold of me. it may be a month or so till I'm online again.

thank you to everyone for making this a great birthday, all the blocks are wonderfull, such great colors and all the stars are so great, and thanks for those other little gifts too.

HUGGS to everyone


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Good luck with your move. I don't envy you that.

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It sounds like you will not see this for awhile, but here it is when you can get back online.

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, dear Michelle.
Happy Birthday to you!

In honor of your birthday, you can be Quilting Queen for a Day. Enjoy your birthday and this upcoming year.


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You also have mine :-)

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Happy Birthday and all the best with the move....Eileen

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Ok, I'm so sorry but I'm just sending out both of the May birthdays. I've had yours packaged and ready to go for some time and somehow it got hidden by a pile of "stuff to do" by the door and I forgot that I hadn't mailed it ... thought I had. I just found them both the other day so it is now on its way down to you (the new address you asked me to mail to) and I hope it gets there soon. Again, I really apologize for my poor memory, I could have sworn I mailed them but then there they were, the 2 bubble envelopes, sitting underneath the stuff at the front door. Hope the move went well and you're starting to settle into the new place!

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yes bill yours too, and I have gotten lots of others but my list has gotten lost someewhere, thank you to everyone. I can't wait to get moved in and get all my stuff out of boxes. we can start moving into our new house next weekend, it will still, be a week or 2 till I get the computer set up and internet again.
I will post a pick when I find my camera and the cord
huggs to everyone

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I hope you also have mine. I mailed early (4/30) so you would have it before the move. Once you're settled & have everything gathered together, let me know the status.
I don't envy your move - I've moved over 30 times in my life & I hope the next one is my mansion in heaven!


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I need your new address to send your block. I'm so sorry and embarrassed to be so late but in addition to the problems I had with the block I selected, I wound up moving unexpectedly as well! I tried emailing you for your new address, but never got an answer so maybe you don't use that account any more. I'll get your block off as soon as I know where to send it. Thanks!

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