Calling K8 and other batik lovers...

msmeowMay 16, 2012

If you're interested in learning how to make your own batiks, Quilt University's annual Batik It class is open for registration! Class starts June 15. :)

I was registered for this class then started reading the supply list. It lists kitchen things I've never heard of (y'all know my kitchen is just the way from the garage to the rest of the house!) and when they got to fire extinguisher I decided it was beyond me! I figured an inept person in the kitchen and 2 curious cats didn't need to be messing with anything flammable! LOL


Here is a link that might be useful: Quilt U

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Donna, I have a well stocked kitchen, but the supply list was too much for me ~lol~ and it is summer - I would love it if the rooms didn't get above 65 degrees - but reality, the sun hits and it gets hot -- even with the AC cranking away.
The class looks fun, but, too much for me - maybe another time. But thank you!

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Honestly, I'm really attracted to any venture that calls for fire extinguishers! But I have to admit the supply list and the commitment of time both scare me a bit. I hate to start something like this and not have time to finish it. But it sounds great!


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This one caught my eye lol:
�iron. Use an old iron. Do not use your good one�if you must, then so be it. I will show you how to clean it well when we are done with the class but I am warning you, it may never quite be the same again. Thrift Stores are a batik artist�s best friend..

I would need a separate garage to try this class! I bet Linda will be interested.

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Don't know which Linda you were referring to, but this Linda has no desire to try that. I have a credit card and a lot of vendors bookmarked on my Google. I draw the line at fabric dyeing.

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I love batiks, but think I'll stick to the ones in the store. I love to try new things, but this one is beyond my time and patience right now. I'm looking forward to seeing anyone results. It really does look like it could be fun!

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Oh my goodness, and we just acquired a new fire extinguisher this week - maybe it's a sign! NOT! This could hit the news across the county as multiple batik dyers set their houses on fire - kind of like the deep fried turkeys at Thanksgiving time!

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It would be expensive and time consuming - I wonder how much a yard the finished fabric would come to lol!!!!!

I'm with you Linda!!

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