WalMart fabric departments

rosajoe_gwMay 16, 2011

I have 3 Walmarts and hour away in 3 different directions. 2 closed their fabric departments and the other has limited fabrics. I had read in the news that they lost a lot of revenue when they closed the fabric departments and other items. One that we would shop at for groceries had very expensive organic vegetables, we live in farm country so that doesn't work well here. So now they think they made a big mistake and are bring back the fabric departments to some stores. I haven't been to Wally World in a long time. Is your getting back the fabric??????


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Ours never lost it.

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I just called my Wal-mart (the one across the street)... they closed their fabric department several months ago... they told me that they will not be getting it back, so I wonder how to determine which stores will and which won't. I know in the past quilters have generally snubbed Wal-mart fabric as being inferior quality, but I really appreciated the convenience. The nearest Joanns is 25 minutes away, and the wait at the cutting table is about 30 minutes at least!

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Our non-super Walmart never closed their fabric dept and I've seen some very nice fabric there.


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Mine threatened to close a few years back, and the fabric was relegated to a few bins, and sold for about $2.00/yd while the store was remodeled.

I got some great fabrics during the remodel. But then they kept the fabric. The newer fabric area is smaller, but the fabrics are a bit higher quality. I was surprised, because there are actually a couple of fabric stores within 5 miles of the Walmart.

I've always had to be careful with Walmart fabric. Some is excellent at a great price. Some is cheap, rough, overly stiff with sizing.

One has to feel the fabric, crush it in your fist, tug on it a bit, to see if it measures up to your standards.

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The one close to me on the rural side of the county got rid of all it's fabric when they remodeled, the one in the urban side kept theirs. (Go figure.) As for quality, they do have some fabrics that are good quality and costlier, then there are some on the cheap rack that I wouldn't bother making anything out of. Especially the kind that doesn't state what kind of material it is. But I have found sales of flannel and quilting cotton there that was usable, especially for backings. They also carry the extra wide flannel and muslin for backings. I wish they would bring the fabrics back to my side of woods.

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If they would only bring back the notions part of the dept. Driving across town for a spool of thread is not my idea of fun.

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My Walmart got rid of their fabric department and expanded their electronics department, but still has a craft section. It has fat quarters and kits. There is one that is about 45 minutes from me that has an excellent fabric department with lots of nice wide backing fabric for a great price. I stop by when I take my son to camp every summer.

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We never loss ours. I use very little Walmart fabric, I don't like to go in there and the service is really bad. All that said I have at times bought some very fine fabric there and yes, you really have to check it out before buying.


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Ours has never closed yet but one lady told me they are going to move the dept over to auto and auto to the fabric dept. It doesn't make since for we have a door that goes right outside from the auto area to where they work on the cars. They say this will happen in August.

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I'm between two Walmarts. Chambersburg, PA closed theirs and then re-opened it a few months later. Quality is mixed, some Cranston, and some stuff you can actually see through. Service can be very poor. Often it's staffed by the electronics department personnel next door. So if they're doing a cell phone contract you may never get anything cut.

The Hagerstown, MD store closed their fabric department and didn't re-open it. I was at Harrisburg, PA a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if it had been closed, but it is now open and much better stocked than Chambersburg.

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Amusing is seeing the fabric used in the charm squares in Walmart at Joann's....

Mine has the precuts, but I don't know if we'll get the full fabric department back or not.

I'm hoping we do.

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