More Cane Chairs for Me!!

ideamomMay 7, 2012

A few weeks ago I posted some barrel cane chairs I found at a garage sale for $7.50 each. Well this past weekend I found 2 more, but they are a bit different. They were $17.50 each and I snapped them up!!

You can click on images to make it larger.

I think I'll keep these and sell the others I bought a couple weeks ago.....after reupholstering them of course! I may keep the tufting or may not. Do you think the tufting makes it look dated??

The plan is to use drop cloths to reupholster them. Wait, before you judge....LOL. It looks like linen! Take a look at this chair reupholstered in a drop cloth from Cobblestone & Vine blog.

Oh and I am really loving this pillow! Anyone know what this fabric is called??

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A drop cloth doesn't FEEL like linen. Fabulous chairs, though.


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You're on a roll!

I don't know how anyone could be fooled by a drop cloth. It is what it is.

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I am so jealous! Love them!

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I have seen such great furniture, drapes and pillows on blogs from people who used dropcloths. After looking at very similar fabric at the fabric store and then seeing the dropcloths from Lowes...there was no difference, but the price was a heck of a lot cheaper. I'll be sure to show you all how it turns out.

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Fori is not pleased

Those are great chairs and the tufting really does add an upscale feel to them. I think they'd be bland without it--the backs are very plain without it.

Now, I admit to being frugal. But because recovering chairs is a lot of effort (or expense if you hire it out), I would not bother with poor materials like dropcloths or, I suspect, what you saw at the fabric store. I don't like to cut corners on materials when the labor is significant.

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Great chairs and I love the tufting!

Honestly for those of you that have not tried dropcloths, you'd be surprised. My sunroom furniture is slipped in dropcloth fabric. It takes on a whole new life when washed and I bleached mine to an off-white. They are extremely durable, a good weight fabric for upholstery. I do have to disagree that it is like linen - it's a nubby cotton - kind of a similar texture though to linen.

I do think the dropcloths are for a certain look - cottage or country. I love them in the sunroom and they are holding up great.

There are some here who have made curtains from dropcloths. Maybe they'll chime in .


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Tinam61-thanks for chimming in on the dropcloth debate. If I hadn't seen beautiful upholstery done by dropcloth fabric I would be skeptical too so I understand the comments. Although I have seen it and as you know it looks great and durable! You are correct the texture is like linen. We have an English cottage and these chairs will be perfect in our sitting room/office. We will be doing the upholstery ourselves. I'll post pics when they are completed.

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