Type of sheen for paint on exterior door & shutters

LybanMay 4, 2008


I am looking for some of your expert help again.

I am about to paint my front door and shutters. Can someone tell me if I should go with flat, semi-gloss or gloss. Any other suggestions.Thanks.

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Definately not flat on a door, you wont get the finger prints off. Gloss is too shiney for me, but that is a personal opinion. We have always used semigloss for both. You can use gloss, but the darker colors will not look as good in gloss as a lighter color would.

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Thanks gk5040. I guess my choice then would be semi gloss. I am using a very dark reddish-bugundy. Do I have to prime first. There is a light blue on there now.

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We use BM Satin.

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I like a glossy front door * lower sheen for shutters - eggshell or pearl

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I like SW White Gloss Paint that is not too glossy but to me really looks nice on doors and is easy to wipe off to keep clean.

I like Pearl finishes for Shutters which is in between Egg-Shell and Satin finishes.

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Satin finish - gloss and semi-gloss are too shiny imo.

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We have the satin also. I don't care for the glare that comes with gloss in brighht light.

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I would always prime, especially if you are going to use a dark color. Otherwise you might end up with 5 coats of paint. If you use a primer (ask that they tint it, you would only need a quart), you would probably paint 2 light coats of a dark color paint. Some paints claim one coat coverage, I guess I am too much of a perfectionist, I cant stand one streak or area that I can see a hint of the other color, I always need 2 coats. But dont cake on the paint, do 2 light coats. Invest in a Purdy brush so you dont get brush marks. Good luck.

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