potential buyer showed up yesterday out of the blue

suz1023April 13, 2010

eek, this may happen and the house isn't even listed!

in fact, i've been interviewing builders and architects to plan for a big remodel next year, instead of trying to sell in this market.

this person has been a guest here before, and has expressed interest over the years. well now their house is on the market and they are serious about moving. my place is still their dream place, so i am scurrying around this morning picking the place up.

egads, what if they buy it?

given their interest, i think i'll just let them look around while i wait in the barn or something. the house is nice, but it's the land which is the big draw--and that speaks for itself i guess.

wish me luck?!


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Oh I remember pics of your land. It is beautiful!! I hope it will all work the way you want whether that is selling or remodeling.

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Don't let anyone just go thru your house--just because--Make sure all valuables are locked up, as pres meds etc. They really should be with their agent. Not knowing your area, are they really interested, or just looking hoping you will "give" the place away. Good luck, and be careful.

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Geez... they have known the owner for a while and they have been a guest in the house already.
No need to act like strangers are out to rob you....

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This could be really nice for both parties. If you do want to sell, I'd suggest getting an independent appraisal for the value of your place. I don't know if you're fine with a price that both you and this potential buyer think is "fair" or if you really want top-dollar, but the appraisal will give you some idea for a dollar price. And, yes, best of luck!

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That's how we sold our last house Fallingwaters --
Good luck to you!

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My cousin bought her house almost twenty years ago that way. There was a house with great curb appeal that she and her hubby admired for a long, long time. When they were getting ready to sell their too-small house she put a note in the great curb appeal house's mail box and ask if they'd be interested in selling. And they just so happened to be! Turns out the house was as nice as she'd hoped on the inside and she and her husband still live there. Isn't it nice to know that your house has been calling to someone?

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